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Zenzero – 100% natural energy bar for happy digestion & support for muscle soreness

Posted by Andy Parkin on
Zenzero – 100% natural energy bar for happy digestion & support for muscle soreness

When you train hard you want nutrition that's not only delicious, motivating and effective, but that actively eases digestion and helps you repair and support your muscles, naturally.

This is why we made Zenzero...

The Spring in your step!

Meet Zenzero … All-new, all-natural and packed full of zesty Sicilian lemons, crunchy almonds & pistachios and a warming hit of ginger making it powerful & delicious, rich in anti-oxidants and protein too.

It’s the perfect bar to wake your senses & get you going, whilst actively aiding digestion and helping overcome muscle soreness.


It can be hard sometimes to find that spark to get out and train. When it’s colder or darker, you need some extra oomph to squeeze into your kit and out on the road. The Zenzero helps put your mind – and your body – in the mood for those bracing rides and runs.

Veloforte | Zenzero | Lemons, Ginger & Pistachios | 100% Natural | Vegan

Like all Veloforte bars and bites, the Zenzero is handmade from only the finest ingredients. It’s also 100% Vegan, gluten-free and each natural ingredient has been carefully selected to create a deliciously balanced hit of energy. And to provide powerful nutritional benefits that will help you ride, run and train at your best.

Veloforte | Zenzero | 100% Natural Energy Bar | Lemons | Ginger | Vegan

Ginger the super-spice that powers & protects

Each Zenzero (that’s Italian for ginger by the way) is enriched with 3.5g of this champion superfood, from both stem and dried.

We didn’t choose ginger just for it’s zingy warmth, though we love the way it excites your senses and peps you up. We added just the right amount of this super spice for the perfect flavour and because it’s crammed full of fantastic healthy benefits.

“Creating a new Veloforte recipe is always a treat for me but it can take many bakes to balance the ingredients for performance as well as flavour & texture,” says Lara Giusti, co-founder at Veloforte and expert baker, who tested dozens of combinations to find the perfect recipe. “Thankfully I’m never short of willing volunteer tasters! Our athletes and ambassadors are part of our test team and my friends and family love the perks of being pals with a product development chef too!”


Veloforte | Zenzero | 100% Natural Energy Bar | High in Gingerol | Vegan

“I love love love ginger, these are my new go to bars, fresh & satisfying.” – Cara, Herefordshire


Ginger has a very long history of use in traditional and alternative medicine. It’s high in gingerol-6, with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, that help aid digestion (5,6), reduce nausea (11), help promote recovery (1-3), fight the flu and the common cold. In fact it’s a great ally in the fight against many common foes faced by the endurance athlete.

Targets tummy troubles. Food lingering in the stomach can be a major cause of nausea during exercise. But one study found that just 1.2g of ginger helped improve the speed that food moved from the gut to the lower intestine by up to 50% (5,6), reducing the risk of upset tummies on the move. (It can also help prevent other forms of nausea and travel sickness too (11)).

Veloforte | Zenzero | High in Gingerol | 100% Natural | Vegan

Helps with recovery: Studies have shown that the daily ingestion of ginger may reduce DOMS (1-3) – that achey exercise-induced muscle soreness that stops you walking downstairs after a hard session – and day-to-day progression of muscle pain. It’ not only the ginger in Zenzero that supports recovery, the almonds are a great source of essential proteins to help repair muscle cells, and each Zenzero bar has 6g of protein.

Boosts health: The bioactive substance in fresh ginger can help lower the risk of infections, can inhibit the growth of many different types of bacteria and there is some evidence that it can lead to significant reductions in LDL cholesterol and blood triglyceride levels.(12)

Provides gains against pains: It’s also a useful protector against period pain and even arthritis. In one controlled trial of 247 people with osteoarthritis of the knee, those who took ginger extract had less pain and required less pain medication (4).

Veloforte | Zenzero | Gingerol | Vegan | Protein


Release energy the right way

Zenzero is the perfect pre-training top up for your glycogen stores. Each bar contains 42g of carbohydrates from multiple sources – gram flour, tapioca, brown rice syrup, cane sugar and lemons - providing the optimal balance of glucose & fructose to help maximise energy absorption to your muscles on the go.(13-15) 

Zenzero keeps  your engine fuelled from the first mile to the last. And all the hard miles in between.

The rich brown rice syrup is made from whole grain rice so it’s completely vegan, less sweet than sugar and adds a mellow nuttiness which compliments the pistachios and almonds. 

With Zenzero’s delicate balance of fuel sources there’s no risk of rush-and-crash that you can get with some products. Just a clean, sustained and even flow of energy to take power you on.


Veloforte | Zenzero | Ginger | Thyme | Vegan | Protein | Happy Digestion

We put thyme in so you can take less time out

At Veloforte we work tirelessly to make our recipes natural, powerful and delicious. So we added thyme to the Zenzero to balance sweetness and create a mouthwatering taste twist that really works.

You’ll look forward to those early morning workouts just so you can have a nibble. And because this herb is packed with vitamin C and vitamin A, along with the vitamins and antioxidants in the lemons, it can help stave off fitness-wrecking colds that are never far away when you’re training hard.(8,9)

As a carminative agent – that’s something that relieves flatulence – it also works to settle the digestive system and put up a fight against any microbial invader (7). So you can keep your body in tip top condition.

Thyme is a mood booster too. Its essential oil is often used for aromatic and therapeutic purposes because of its active substance carvacrol. In a 2013 study, carvacrol was shown to affect neuron activity in ways that boosted the subjects’ feelings of well-being (10).

We are completely committed to making natural, healthy foods that support you in your active lifestyle and sport. The bars we make are not just functional, they have to taste amazing and be easy on the stomach too. We believe every product we make must therefore be 100 percent natural, powerful and delicious.


Veloforte | Zenzero | Nutritional Details | Vegan

With Zenzero we wanted to create an exciting, effective and motivating bar to power your mind and body. With unique flavour combinations, carefully sourced ingredients picked for their taste and quality, there’s no other energy bar like it.

Zenzero bars are a great natural source of protein and carbs and health boosting herbs and spices, perfect for a pre-race pick me up, an engine starter for your workouts and for eating on the move, any time. (16-18) 


When you fuel with Zenzero you’re also actively helping your recovery, giving your body what it needs to bounce back and be ready for your next big adventure.

Mouth-wateringly good... try some, you'll feel it too.