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Fuelling Tips

On-the-move, at a coffee-stop, or both

Veloforte is specifically designed to provide the optimal balance of performance-enhancing carbohydrates (natural sugars), alongside essential proteins & fibre... The perfect real-food for endurance sport.

Whether you prefer to fuel-up on-the-move, at a coffee-stop, or as part of your recovery, Veloforte is the finest, most delicious, natural endurance nutrition available today. It packs a massive punch that will power your adventures all day.

Helping you fuel...

Every triple-pack comes in a convenient zip-lock bag helping to keep your bars free from moisture and easy to get to.

No more ripping at packaging with your teeth, spitting bits of plastic into the environment, with Veloforte each bar is wrapped in recyclable parchment paper with the end tabs folded underneath, sealed by the label.

To open your bars simply flip up one of the rear folded tabs (from under the wrapper), tear or fold back the paper, and take a bite. 

Fuelling little & often

It's always best to eat little-and-often, rather than always stopping or eating erratically. Veloforte is available in Bites format too... just pop one in every 20mins.

Simple, delicious & nutritious... 100% real food, 100% real power.