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No synth, ever

Sports nutrition has gone mad!

Today's mass-market 'performance enhancing' gels and powders taste terrible, are hard to digest and often make people feel ill and bloated.

There is a better way!

Unlike these heavily-engineered synthetic products, Veloforte is hand made to provide the optimal balance of 100% natural carbohydrates and essential proteins & fibre. It will delight your taste buds and give you sustained, balanced, performance without wrecking your stomach.

We believe that real food performs better.
It works with, not against, the body’s natural digestive processes and needs. After all, our bodies are naturally designed to desire, digest and benefit from real food, with it's real proteins, fibres, flavours and sugars. Not synth.

veloforte real food ingredients 100% real food

Digestion actually begins when we smell, think about or see beautiful food...

Even the simple act of chewing releases enzymes (like amylase) which help break food down... making for a happy mouth, happy tummy, happy muscles, happy legs, happy athlete. And as a result, you perform better.

We start salivating and that triggers a cascade of evolutionary hormonal and physiological processes that prep our stomachs, ready to digest food and allow it to be quickly and correctly absorbed.

A lot of off-the-shelf processed products also have a very low moisture content (typically 10pc) - often due to the manufacturers needs to create long shelf-lives and be able to produce enormous volumes more cheaply.

This 'dry food' is hard to digest. Anyone who's tried these products knows that this can mean you'll require larger volumes of water to be taken into the stomach (to hydrate it) often slowing digestion, causing bloating and stomach cramps.

Real food naturally contains up to 7 times more water (70-80pc) - it's what our bodies have evolved with and knows exactly what to do with.

Taste too is immensely important.

Delicious food inspires and motivates us. During exercise we need to fuel our bodies with food we actually want to eat. All too often people struggle to fuel themselves correctly because they can't stand the idea of having to 'chug-down' a synthetic flavoured gel, so what happens is they don't, or they delay it as long as possible and the result is they 'bonk/ hit the wall' and their performance and training is badly affected.

Not so with Veloforte. We are the only nutrition brand to have ever been awarded Great Taste Awards, and our bars and bites are the most powerful natural products on the market today.

Your body knows how to (and wants to) digest real food, so try some... you'll feel it too. 100% real food, 100% real power.