Overnight Oats - The Ultimate Breakfast Fix

Lara with the Veloforte overnight oats range

Introducing Veloforte Complete Overnight Oats. Forget ultra processed, grab-and-go options. Discover a naturally delicious, highly nutritious recipe to start your day strong. Available now.

Your recipe for overnight success.

Mornings are tough. Too little time and too much to do.
It's often hard to make a delicious, nutritious and healthy balanced breakfast, so inevitably you end up reaching for ultra-processed foods or convenient snacks to get you through. But high sugar options can leave you feeling hungry, disatisfied and heading for the inevitable sugar crash. Breakfast is broken. Time to fix it. 

Finally, there is a better way... Veloforte Complete Overnight Oats, an all natural range that means you can forget about poor food choices and discover real food that really works - a naturally delicious, highly nutritious way to start your day strong.

With only 2 minutes prep, each simple serving of wholefood ingredients helps keep you fuller for longer through a considered blend of 15g complete plant protein (that’s as much as you’d find in three eggs), gut-friendly fibre and heart-healthy beta-glucans and omega-3 - actively reducing cholesterol too.

With nothing artificial, our Complete Overnight Oats are a delicious and nutritionally complete real breakfast you can make in your sleep. Set yourself up for overnight success... just add water and chill.

Veloforte Overnight Oats Range
Veloforte Overnight Oats being prepared
Veloforte Overnight Oats in a bowl

The best thing since sliced bread.

Shake up breakfast with a carefully considered blend of super natural ingredients, crafted to help you feel better and fuel better. 

Whether you're fuelling for a hard day of training or just a hard day at the office, with our Complete Overnight Oats you can now head out feeling energised and strong.

15g Complete plant protein

40g slow release carbs

25% of your daily fibre fix

Just 2 minutes prep

Veloforte Smooth Cocoa Overnight Oats
Making Veloforte Overnight Oats
Add water or milk to Veloforte Overnight Oats
Veloforte Overnight Oats- Shake up breakfast

Our Overnight Oats Range

Our Complete Overnight Oats come in three delicious flavours; Apple & Cinnamon, Strawberry & Coconut and Smooth Cocoa. Something to suit everyone.

Apple & Cinnamon is warming and comforting with naturally dried apple pieces, aromatic cinnamon and juicy raisins.

Strawberry & Coconut is fresh and fruity, packed full of freeze dried strawberries, crunchy coconut and juicy cranberries.

Smooth Cocoa is rich and indulgent, packed full of dark cocoa, crunchy cacao nibs and juicy raisins. Perfect for the chocoholics.

Steeped in performance

At Veloforte, we've revolutionised sports nutrition to provide the ultimate all-natural upgrades in taste, quality and of course performance, but how you feed yourself throughout the day determines not only your physical performance but your whole-health too, straight from the gut. Performance itself is only half the story.

Performance comes from fitness. 
Fitness comes from wellness. 
Wellness comes from a healthy gut.
A healthy gut comes from a positive diet.

Overnight Oats for Performance, Wellness & Recovery
Graphic by Veloforte

Our range of products deliver an all-natural 360 perspective to support your training, competing and active lifestyles, which is why we're so proud to offer a range of Overnight Oats to give you the perfect foundation to your daily health... supporting your gut micro-biome with gut-friendly high fibre, helping you balance your glucose levels with slow release carbohydrates and support the development of healthy muscle mass with upto 16g of complete plant protein - even more if you add in a choice of delicious top-spins like greek yogurt or heart-healthy nuts.

Make it personal

Once you've chilled your Overnight Oats, you can add fruit, nuts, seeds and more to suit your taste buds. Boost the protein by adding in a scoop of delicious creamy Greek yoghurt, or a handful of chopped almonds, even a sprinkle of your favourite blueberries or red fruits to add some natural sweetness, polyphenols and vitamins too.

The possibilities are endless, and there are no rules - enjoy them anytime, day or night.

Baked Veloforte Overnight Oats

Morning Break. Fast.

There's more to our Overnight Oats that just adding water or milk. They can make any morning a good one. 

From rolling them into delicious protein balls, baking them into a succulent loaf or warm them on the hob - just like a porridge! Ready to eat in 5minutes.

Adding banana to Veloforte Overnight Oats
Mixing a bake of Veloforte Overnight Oats
Mixing Veloforte Overnight Oats to bake in the oven
Veloforte Overnight Oats hot fresh from the oven

Want to learn more about overnight oats? Check out our ultimate guide here.

Why Veloforte?

By harnessing nature’s finest ingredients, we craft delicious real-food that delights your senses and enhances your daily physical performance, productivity & wellness, naturally.

No compromises, digestive issues, fake flavours, sickly gloop or ingredients you can't spell (or digest). Instead, beautifully balanced natural ingredients, incredible flavours and enjoy total confidence in your foundational health, well-being and performance.

For athletes and adventurers everywhere, our range is fit for purpose and fit for body... created to help you #fuelbetter.

Head Chef & Co-Founder Lara Giusti with Veloforte
Head Chef & Co-Founder Lara Giusti. Image by Veloforte.