Our Founders

It all started in the kitchen

From 3 bars to 360° nutrition.

Following abdominal surgery, Marc asked Lara to help him feed his long rides with something wholesome, something delicious and effective that'd put the typical synthetic nutrition options in the shade. Their ambition was clear... no labs, no junk, no synth.

Lara set about blending her award-winning knowledge of baking with two-decades of experience in heart and lung specialisms (BSc/MSc Distinction) to create a range of energy and protein bars that delivered natural, powerful and delicious performance.

The moment Marc shared them with his ride buddies, Veloforte's potential was born. 12 months later, during a long ride up the Puig Major in Mallorca, Marc handed a spare bar to his ride leader, a veteran blue-chip operations executive called Steve.

It was a chance encounter that was to complete Veloforte's founding team and begin our journey to transform the sports nutrition and wellness foods sector - from Bars to Gels, Chews to Electrolytes, Breakfasts to Snacks and Shakes.

Real inspiration.

Nonna was right. Fuel like the Romans.

The Giusti family have a deep Italian heritage, from Tuscany. Where simple, delicious food is the foundation to good life.

Lara's founding Performance Bars recipes are based on a 13th Century Italian fortifier: Panforte. A delicious blend of fruits, nuts and spices from the town of Siena.

Panforte (strong bread) was baked by spice sellers, the pharmacists of the day, and widely used to fuel the Roman Legions through long treks into foreign lands - held in high regard for its robust form, energy-giving properties and delicious fortifying spices.

Produced by generations of the Giusti family, these fiercely guarded recipes provide the guidance and values we follow across our entire break-through range.

Natural Selection.

Nutrition has evolved. Pure and simple.
The World doesn’t need yet more artificial foods. It needs real nutrition.

Real performance and vitality, real taste and quality takes more than mere science. That’s why we’re dedicated to one thing… helping you #fuelbetter every day with kitchen-crafted nutrition, intelligently designed to let you take charge of your physical performance, health-wealth and recovery.
It’s in our nature.

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Super Natural is how we roll

We live and breath real food that really works. From World class competition to training, healthy habits to positive diets... see how Team Veloforte fuel their active lives.

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Real Food

Created to help you #fuelbetter using only 100% natural ingredients.

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