Hypotonic electrolyte hydration

Super-fruit blends

Our delicious range of hydration powders are a refreshingly pure infusion of natural electrolytes and real fruit.

Hand crafted to restore, rebalance and re-energise you through your most demanding sessions they’re as light as a feather, offering effective all day hydration too.
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Turn up the juice!

Sun-kissed fruits are natural marvels, not only do they keep your taste buds fresh, they’re high in antioxidants to protect your cells, loaded with gut-friendly enzymes and easy to digest too.

Keeping it pure

Nothing fake, no fillers or effervescents. Just natures finest coconut water, pink Himalayan salt and real fruit to lock in all the natural minerals & vitamins you need, ready to be released when you add water.

Time. Trialled.

Crafted to be quick to absorb and light on your body. Our electrolyte infusions keep your muscles feeling replenished — even on the longest, sweatiest session.

Be in your element

It's all about balance. Replace the vital electrolytes lost in sweat with the purest electrolytes found in pink Himalayan salt and dried coconut water.

Electrolytes FAQs

Great taste, guaranteed 🏅

With 35 Gold stars under our belt, we remain the only nutrition brand in the World to have ever been awarded multiple Great Taste Awards - now 7 years in a row!

We know you'll love how our products taste, in fact we guarantee it! If for any reason you don't, just let us know.

Real Food

Created to help you #fuelbetter using only 100% natural ingredients.

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