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Real food

Created to help you #fuelbetter, all our products are made using only the finest 100% natural ingredients.

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Frequently asked questions

Are the sachets single-servings?

Yes, a single dose powder sachets ensure that each & every serving delivers optimal hydration & that the quality of the natural ingredients are maintained without the need for additives, preservatives or stabilisers.

Which should I use & when?

All our hydration powders contain an equal level of electrolytes, so can be used wherever your active lifestyle may take you.

Each electrolyte powder product does have it's own focus, so here's a brief outline:

Attivo - has energy, electrolytes & caffeine... great to kick-start you first-thing or give you a boost on the final stages of a long session

Vivo - has energy & all the electrolytes you need to keep you going all day.

Solo - has electrolytes and is low-carb... great for short sessions or as a pre-race/ post-race top up alongside a good breakfast or recovery meal.

Our Mixed Hydration Pack is a great way to explore each of these break-through mixes.

Are they suitable for Vegans?

Absolutely, 100%! They are also gluten-free, preservative & additive-free and unlike other hydration products and powders on the market we use no ‘fillers’, ‘stabilisers’, ‘effervescents’ or ‘binding agents’ - our powders are simply a mix of real fruit, dried coconut water & pink Himalayan salt.

Do they contain any allergens?

No, none at all. And they're even safe for nut allergy sufferers. All our hydration powders are blended within a certified nut-free environment, and by the way, Coconuts are actually fruits!

Are they available in bulk tubs?

No, due to the nature of these delicate & precise mixes, it is not feasible to pack our powders into large tubs.

The ratio of ingredients within each of our hydration powder products is a fine balance of natural electrolytes & fruit. The real fruit particles & natural botanicals are of a different density to the dried coconut water & so in large tubs, settling of the separate ingredients will occur.

This means that if they were to be kept in a large tub, each scoop may not be the homogeneous mix of natural hydration that has been so carefully curated.

Additionally, the fruits & coconut water are freeze-dried to lock in all the natural goodness & as such are sensitive to atmospheric moisture - making them unsuitable for storage in tubs which are opened numerous times over a prolonged periods.

We are constantly looking at ways to reduce packaging & are working towards plastic free single-serve packaging in the near future.

Are they fizzy?

No, our hydration powder mixes are unlike anything on the market today. They mix easily with water without the need for effervescent additives, or synthetic ingredients that are so common in the typical 'tabs' and 'powders' these days.

Our powder mixes are thirst-quenching and refreshingly still infusions - more like an iced-tea than a fizzy pop.

What does "Shake to Wake" mean?

Our Real Hydration powder range is made with freeze-dried real-fruit you can actually see! Some of these fruit particles may settle at the bottom of your bottle, so we recommend you wake up these micro flavour-bursts with a simple shake of your bottle before each sip and unlock the real-fruit power within.

Can you taste the coconut?

No, despite the dried coconut water being one of the most important electrolyte ingredients in our hydration powders mixes, the flavours come from the real fruit and botanicals within each mix.

They have a gentle fruity-ness and subtle hints of herbs giving them an iced-tea like character - neither too sweet, nor too salty.

Indy/Best Winner 2019 - Best All-Natural Energy Food

"All-Natural Winner - the standout option for fuelling on the go!"

The Independent

Runner's World - Best Energy Bar

"Brilliant & powerful. We're yet to find a tastier way to refuel!"

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Nature's finest ingredients

Each electrolyte powder ingredient has been carefully selected to deliver rapid effective hydration. Our hydration powders are 100% plant-powered, naturally vegan and free from any artificial ingredients.

When mixed with 500ml of water, each sachet becomes a hypotonic sports drink providing natural energy, sodium & potassium as well as a host of vital micronutrients to help maintain your performance

Award-winning taste

We are the only nutrition brand to have ever won multiple Gold Awards at the prestigious Great Taste Awards (5 years in a row)

Real fruit and botanicals

Our hydration powders aren’t like other powders, fizzy tabs or fluorescent sports drinks. That’s because we’ve worked hard to find a blend of real-food ingredients that taste deliciously fresh, with a natural mild sweetness you won’t tire of, while still providing all the essential electrolytes you need

Pure Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is the purest salt on the planet and a source of over 84 vital macrominerals including sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, iron & phosphorus

Dried Coconut Water

Coconut water is nature’s secret weapon against dehydration. It's rich in natural electrolytes, potassium, magnesium & Vitamin C – a simple drying process locks in all the natural minerals & vitamins ready to be released when you add water


Not only do the powder's ingredients quickly dissolve in water, but due to their hypotonicity they are rapidly & efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream too, helping ensure energy is delivered exactly when you need it, straight to your working muscles, without digestive backloads/bloat

Vital electrolytes

Sodium & Potassium are vital electrolytes lost as you sweat. These play an important role in maintaining blood pressure, fluid balance and assist in nutrient transport to your cells – helping endurance athletes to maintain optimal hydration & performance

About our Real Hydration range

What you drink is as crucial to riding that sportive or finishing that ultra as what you eat and how fit you are. Get it wrong and the science is clear, just 5% dehydration causes a 30% reduction in performance. So keeping your fluid levels topped up before, during and after exercise is essential to get the most out of your efforts.

That’s why we created our electrolyte powder products: Solo powder (electrolyte only), Vivo powder (electrolyte + energy) and Attivo powder (electrolyte + energy + caffeine), three delicious hypotonic solutions with the optimal balance of natural electrolytes for all your hydration needs.

Made from a delicate mix of freeze-dried real fruit, dehydrated coconut water and Himalayan Pink Salt, our hydration powders are so real they capture the colours of the fruits.

When you add water, you can actually see the fruit particles in your drinks bottle that make each mouthful a sensory experience unlike any other hydration drink. You can literally feel the real-food power and taste the freshness that makes tending to your hydration a pleasure not a chore.

We’re confident you’ve never tasted hydration like this. Just as we’ve done with our award-winning Veloforte Energy Bars, we’ve created three unique flavour combinations you’ll actually look forward to drinking, even 12 hours into an endurance adventure.

No palate fatigue, no sickly-sweet overload, just clean, crisp and refreshing flavours.

But it’s not just about taste, every ingredient has been carefully selected for its natural electrolyte content and rehydration power too.

Each electrolyte powder sachet contains a calculated balance of nature’s finest natural hydrating elements to ensure you feel fresh, hydrated and stay stronger for longer.

Solo powder, Vivo powder and Attivo powder are completely free from artificial preservatives, colours, chemical compounds, gluten, dairy, nuts and are vegan.

Find out more about each electrolyte drink powder using the tabs above.

Solo: Low-carb electrolyte powder

Use for: Short, hot or high-intensity workouts up to 60 minutes, or prolonged low-intensity sessions over 2 hours. General hydration support including pre-hydration in the days leading up to race day or a long training session.

Each 7g electrolyte powder sachet mixed in 500ml water provides:

  • Less than 5g carbohydrate
  • Hypotonic hydration
  • 350mg Sodium, 240mg Potassium
  • 20 kcals per 500mls

In Solo, the natural Golden Apricot and Sage fruit flavours are enhanced with a touch of Stevia to add a clean natural sweetness.

The soft fruity apricots and subtle tones of sage come together for a hydrating drink that’s clean and refreshing, a bit like a fruit tea.

A great go-to for shorter efforts and as a pre-hydration drink in the days leading up to a race and post-race where you need to replace lost electrolytes to support recovery.

Vivo: 2-in-1 (electrolyte + energy)

Use for: Prolonged endurance sessions of 60 minutes and above and for race-morning pre-hydration and a glycogen store top-up.

Each 24g electrolyte powder sachet mixed in 500ml water provides:

  • 22g dual-source rapid-release carbohydrate
  • Hypotonic hydration
  • 350mg Sodium, 240mg Potassium
  • 89 kcals per 500mls

A hydration powder solution with an added fuelling bump, Vivo has 22g carbs per serving – 5g carbs from naturally occurring sugars within the dried coconut water and 17g extra carbs from cane sugar (sucrose) – for a blend of glucose and fructose that delivers rapidly absorbed carbohydrate to hard-working muscles.

It comes in a light and fruity Peach, Raspberry & Rose-hip flavour. The warm peachiness and tart raspberry are rounded with soft rose-hip that tastes like peach melba in a bottle.

Attivo: 3-in-1 (electrolytes + energy + caffeine)

Use for: Prolonged endurance sessions of 60 minutes and above where staying mentally and physically alert is important. And for race-morning pre-hydration and a glycogen store top-up with an added engine-starting hit of natural caffeine.

Each 25g electrolyte powder sachet mixed in 500ml water provides:

  • 22g dual-source rapid-release carbohydrate
  • Hypotonic hydration
  • 350mg sodium, 265mg potassium
  • 75mg natural caffeine from guarana
  • 91 kcals per 500mls

Attivo’s combination of Wild Strawberry & Basil is clean and well-balanced. A tangy hit of strawberry with a hint of refreshing basil pair perfectly to create a drink that tastes just like a strawberry coulis.

With the same 22g carbs for additional fuelling from that careful combination of simple cane sugar and coconut water, just like VIVO, it’s a great way to top up glycogen stores and hydrate ahead of longer endurance efforts.

But ATTIVO has the added boost of 75mg of natural caffeine from guarana that you can use to kickstart your engine before your race. Or use deep into those longer challenges for a mental lift when the fatigue really starts to bite.