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Fit for purpose, fit for body, naturally.

We harness natures finest ingredients to create the World's finest active nutrition.
Real food that not only taste amazing, but is optimally balanced to energise & replenish your mind & body before, during & after exercise. 

Gluten free, non-GMO, with no artificial preservatives or additives - free from any nasties!.

Real food

Created to help you #fuelbetter, all our products are made using only 100% natural ingredients.

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Frequently asked questions

Real food

Created to help you #fuelbetter, all our products are made using only the finest 100% natural ingredients.

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Frequently asked questions

Are they as powerful as traditional gels?

Yes, our Nectars contain 22g of dual-source fast-release 100% natural carbohydrates and 110mg of the purest electrolytes; equal to (and better than) the traditional synthetic sports energy gels on the market.

Better still, our Nectars are half the size (and weight) of a typical gel - weighing in at a small but mighty 33g. Most gels are a whopping 60g in weight, sometimes as much as 70g, making our nectars much easier to consume, lighter to carry and take up less space in your pockets or running belts. Win win.

When should I use them?

We generally advise to take your first Nectar somewhere between 60-75 minutes into your workout and then every 45 minutes or so.

How many should I take?

It depends. Each of us absorb and burn energy uniquely. We recommend that you try to consume a mix of bars, nectars and hydration as part of your fuelling strategies, so to find out more about how best to fuel, please visit our blog.

Whether you're a runner, rider, swimmer or just live an active life, you'll find all sorts of articles and how-tos.

One other thing... The Doppio contains 75mg of natural caffeine from Guarana. We don't recommend you consume more than 5 per day and the caffeine means that they're not suitable for under 16's or pregnant Mums.

Will they give me tummy cramps?

No, our products are 100% natural so are easily digested. This means they help to avoid bloating, cramping and other dreaded GI issues, allowing you to perform at your best.

We recommend you always stay hydrated and that you train with your chosen fuels before taking on any events. Make sure you stay within the maximum consumption rates too – in this case, that would be no more than 90g of dual-source carbohydrates per hour.

Are they easy to swallow?

Yes, our Nectars are made with a little water inside so that they have a smooth and easy to swallow consistency, and at just 33g they are still small enough not to weigh you down.

Taking the Nectar with a little bit of water helps swallow the liquid entirely and move it into your gut faster, so the energy can be absorbed and released as quickly as possible.

Are they suitable for Vegans?

Yes, our Nectars are made with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients.

Do they contain any allergens?

No, they are all gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free, additive & preservative free and contain no animal products.

Do they contain caffeine?

Only Doppio – Tempo and Primo do not.

Doppio energy sachets contain 75mg of natural caffeine from Guarana, the equivalent of a large espresso.

Caffeine doesn't actually give you more energy, it improves reaction speed, alertness & concentration whilst reducing your perception of exertion. You feel more awake & your efforts feel less strenuous, allowing you to exercise harder for longer.

Guarana is absorbed slowly by the body, creating a state of calm alertness, with a less jittery, more sustained energy boost... a stark contrast to the fast rush & crash experienced with brewed coffee or synthetic energy gels. Go natural caffeine!

Indy/Best Winner 2019 - Best All-Natural Energy Food

"All-Natural Winner - the standout option for fuelling on the go!"

The Independent

Runner's World - Best Energy Bar

"Brilliant & powerful. We're yet to find a tastier way to refuel!"

Runner's World Magazine

Men's Health - Best Energy Bar

"Rocket-fuel that tastes amazing. It's everything you need to train hard"

Men's Health Magazine

Natural energy gels

Each nectar contains a delicious blend of real fruit syrups & concentrated real fruit juices – nature’s secret weapons to deliver real power at pace. Easy on the taste buds, gentle on the tummy and rocket-fuel for your muscles

Twice the power

Featuring a carefully balanced combination of natural glucose & fructose, proven to provide more energy than when consumed separately. Our all-natural energy gels are the optimum liquid fuel to improve endurance performance at pace without upsetting your stomach

Big on performance

Just one 33g Nectar provides 22g of fast-release carbohydrates & 110mg of the purest sodium, helping you refuel & replenish lost electrolytes naturally & efficiently on the move

Award-winning quality

We are the only nutrition brand to have ever won multiple Gold Awards at the prestigious Great Taste Awards (5 years in a row)

Beat the sweet

From spicy ginger to mellow coffee, earthy beetroot to refreshing lemon, our Nectars provide a welcome relief to the over-sweet world of synthetic flavours and gloopy energy gels... Natural, powerful & delicious – welcome to the world of Nectars

Clean & delicious

Our energy gels are naturally free from Gluten, Dairy, Preservatives & Additives.
Eat clean right across the range, free from any nasties

About our Energy Nectars range

Whether you’re tackling a marathon, an ultra, cycling a sportive or just pushing through the training miles that’ll get you there, on-the-go nutrition is essential.

Taking on energy-boosting fuel during longer sessions is the difference between hitting the wall and vaulting over it. But finding a reliable way to fuel mid-effort can be a lottery where the all-too-common booby prizes (especially from synthetic products) are an unsettled stomach, taste fatigue and rush-and-crash energy delivery.

That’s why we created our 100% natural energy-rich gels. Using nature’s finest fuel, each 33g sachet of refreshingly flavoured Tempo (date, lemon and ginger), Primo (beetroot and lemon) and Doppio (maple, coffee and guarana) delivers 110mg sodium and 22g of easily digested dual-source carbohydrate for fast-release energy, while replacing essential electrolytes lost through sweat.

Doppio also gives you a caffeine burst with 75g of natural caffeine – about the same as an Espresso – for extra mental and physical alertness, helping you swerve the bonk and keeping you cycling, running and working out for longer.

Natural, powerful and delicious, our revolutionary gels will change what you’d come to expect of portable fuel. No more gloop, no more worries about tummy troubles, just clean, effective energy that you’ll actually look forward to eating. Because we believe that good nutrition shouldn’t stop when the race starts.

We thought long and hard about the ingredients in our range. Using ingredients like dates, maple syrup and unrefined brown rice syrup, we harvested the powerful carbohydrate sources found in nature to craft liquid energy.

Your hydration gets a kick from essential electrolytes from all-natural sources such as pink Himalayan salt.

The fresh flavour combinations of date, lemon and ginger in Tempo, beetroot and lemon flavour in Primo, and maple, coffee and guarana in Doppio all come from natural ingredients and fruit juice. So you’re not just getting mouthwatering (whoever said that about a gel?) taste but you also benefit from the vitamins and minerals these real fruits pack into each pouch.

We’re proud of the texture too, more liquid less gloop, so it slips down easily with no gummed-up mouth afterwards and no overpowering sickliness. The three gels are also designed to compliment each other, with flavours that keep the palate excited and refreshed even on the longest days on the road.

Our gels come in three flavours; designed to deliver nature’s power at pace and each suitable for intense workouts, sessions lasting more than 90 minutes or for whenever your energy is flagging.

They’re free from artificial preservatives, colours, chemical compounds, gluten, dairy and nuts and they’re vegan-friendly.

Find out more about each gel using the tabs above.

Tempo: Date, Lemon & Ginger

Each 33g nectar contains:

  • 89 calories
  • 22g carbs
  • Electrolytes: Sodium 110mg, Potassium 27mg, Calcium 5mg, Magnesium 7mg

In Tempo, the soft sweetness of dates is contrasted with the zing of lemon and ginger to perk up your palate as you workout. Known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, when ingested daily, ginger may help prevent DOMS and general muscle soreness.

Lemon is rich in electrolytes including potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus as well as antioxidants and vitamins A and C. Date syrup, meanwhile, is the most nutritious natural sweetener, rich in antioxidants, amino acids, natural potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium.

Primo: Beetroot & Lemon

Each 33g nectar contains:

  • 90 calories
  • 22g carbs
  • Electrolytes: Sodium 110mg, Potassium 27mg, Calcium 5mg, Magnesium 7mg

The earthy taste of beetroot with a citrus twist is perfect for those who prefer their nutrition refreshingly savoury – and beetroot is also well-known for its potent endurance benefits. It’s rich in electrolytes, antioxidants and also nitrate, which can improve blood flow, lower blood pressure and improve stamina, which research suggests could have a positive impact on your sporting performance.

Made from the starch of wholegrain rice, brown rice syrup adds a slightly nutty flavour to the mix and is a rich source of electrolytes including potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Doppio: Maple, Coffee & Guarana

Each 33g nectar contains:

  • 88 calories
  • 22g carbs
  • Electrolytes: Sodium 110mg, Potassium 27mg, Calcium 5mg, Magnesium 7mg,
  • Caffeine 75mg

Indulgently smooth with a natural caffeine kick, each Doppio contains 75mg of caffeine from guarana – the equivalent of a large espresso. Caffeine acts directly on your central nervous system, improving reaction speed, alertness and concentration while reducing your perception of exertion. As a result your efforts will feel less strenuous allowing you to exercise harder for longer.

Guarana is absorbed slowly by the body with a less jittery, sustained energy boost compared to the crash and burn of coffee or synthetics. We recommend ingesting a maximum of five Doppio a day to stay within your daily caffeine limits, try alternating between Doppio and Tempo or Primo.

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