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Nova - Recovery Protein Shake

Banana, Cocoa & Maca super blend

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Performance protein... Re-energise, rebuild & recover, naturally.

Nova is a rewardingly smooth, delicious & restorative Recovery Protein super-shake, packed full of complete plant protein, blended for optimal Recovery with a 3:1 carbs:protein ratio. Made from freeze dried banana, rich cocoa, nature's purest electrolytes & Maca root - a natural adaptogen to restore balance & help combat the stress induced by vigorous exercise.

  • 13g complete plant protein from Pea, Brown Rice & Pumpkin - light and gentle on your tummy, with no bloating. Just mix with water.
  • Up to 23g protein per serve when mixed with Milk (dairy or non-dairy).
  • 2g BCAAs proven to promote muscle growth and recovery (54-56)  
  • 3:1 Carb:Protein ratio - optimally balanced for effective recovery(17,18) 
  • 40g natural carbohydrates for fast effective energy replacement
  • Enriched with real fruit, pure electrolytes & Maca to restore balance
  • Gluten Free & Vegan. No sulphites, additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavourings - free from any nasties!
Shake it to make it!

Choose either the handy portable single-serve sachets or save up to 25% off with our larger 10-Serve Pouch. Decadent in taste and texture, but light on your stomach, Nova is blended to taste amazing with just water. Delicious with your favourite plant milk too... just shake until smooth. Blended with care in the UK.  


Fuel your Recovery.


As part of your active lifestyle or as the ultimate Recovery shake.

Fuelling for exercise is well understood, but for any workout that lasts longer than 90 minutes it is essential that you fuel for your recovery too. (30,31) The best way to do this is with 100% natural & delicious real food, with the optimal balance of Carbohydrates and Protein. (16-18)


Fuelling your recovery means you should aim to rehydrate, replenish glycogen stores & start to rebuild muscle within the first 30 minutes after exercise. (30)

Your muscles store energy in the form of glycogen that is released when you exercise. When you work hard your muscles' stores of glycogen are depleted & this is known as the Glycogen Debt. To optimise recovery it is essential to top up these stores - the quicker the better. Glycogen stores are built up by eating glucose and that means that carbohydrates are your best friends at this time.(30) With a Carbohydrate:Protein ratio of 3:1, each 67g Nova serving has plenty of the all-natural essential stuff to kick start your recovery.(17,18)

How to make a perfectly blended Shake:

Either mix a single 67g sachet or 2 level-scoops with 300ml of cold water or your favourite plant-based milk & shake well. 

Aim to drink within 30 minutes of finishing exercise.

Once mixed, keep refrigerated & consume within 24 hours. Simple. 

We recommend using a shaker bottle with a mixer ball for optimal mixing


Shaking them with 300mls cold water makes a rewardingly thick & smooth recovery shake. If you’re after something a little more thirst quenching, just add more water until you achieve your preferred thickness. 


By simply mixing our recovery super-shakes with your favourite milk, you can achieve up to 23g protein per serving.

Always take care to fully reseal our 10-Serve pouches after opening & shake contents well before use.

Cane Sugar, Complete Plant Protein Blend (Pea, Rice, Pumpkin), Freeze Dried Banana Powder (18%), Maize Starch, Cocoa Powder (10%),Coconut Water Powder, Maca Root Powder, Pink Himalayan Salt, Cinnamon Powder. 


For allergens see ingredients in bold. 


Suitable for people with nut or peanut allergies. 


Contains the Natural Adaptogen Maca. Suitable for over 16's. If pregnant, breastfeeding or on regular prescription medication please consult your doctor before use.


They last 12 months from manufacture when stored in a cool dry place.

10 serve pouches - once opened consume within 3 months.

About Protein


The Complete Package


Nova is made with a careful blend of plant-based protein that delivers a powerful complete amino acid profile….Pea, Rice & Pumpkin protein... the winning combo.


Pumpkin protein contains all 9 essential amino acids & is packed with minerals & antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties - great to relieve sore muscles & joints.(53)


Rice protein is high in many essential amino acids, including cysteine and methionine, but is low in lysine.


Pea protein is complimentarily rich in lysine and contains an impressive amount of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCCAs) which have been shown to build muscle, decrease muscle fatigue and alleviate muscle soreness.(54-56)


Blended together they create a rich & full amino acid profile – 13.5g of complete plant-based protein per serve to effectively repair muscles & kick start your recovery. 


Veloforte Nova
Banana, Cocoa & Maca

Full Amino Acid profile as prepared with 300ml of water.

Typical Values:Per 100gPer 67g Serving
Energy kJ/KCal1501/3551006/238
Total Fat (g)2.31.5
Of Which Saturates (g)10.7
Carbohydrates (g)60.840.7
Of Which Sugars (g)44.429.7
Fibre (g)4.83.2
Protein (g)20.113.5
Salt (g)1.30.9
Boost Your Protein Value: Per 67g Serving
Oat Milk (3g) 17
Pea Milk (8g) 21.5
Cow's Milk (10g) 23.5


Per 100g

Per 67g Serving
Maca (mg)14931000
Sodium (mg)374250
Potassium (mg)224150
Magnesium (mg)1711.4 
Calcium (mg)14.49.6
Amino AcidsPer 100gPer 67g Serving
Total BCAAs (g)32
Leucine (mg)1371918
Iso Leucine (mg)657441
Valine (mg)758508
Aspartic Acid (mg)17391199
Glutamic Acid (mg)28931939
Serine (mg)882591
Glycine (mg)687461
Histidine (mg)447299
Arginine (mg)15361029
Threonine (mg)610409
Alanine (mg)725486
Proline (mg)186125
Tyrosine (mg)732490
Methionine (mg)334224
Cystine (mg)204136
Phenylalanine (mg)911610
Lysine (mg)1035693
Tryptophan (mg)5537


Fit for purpose, fit for body, naturally...


Each ingredient within Nova has been carefully selected to deliver rapid effective refuelling. 

Each 67g serve contains a potent recovery mix with an


Optimised 3-to-1 ratio of energy-to-protein including:  

Super easy to mix....just shake with 300mls cold water or your favourite plant-based milk to blend into a rewarding restorative shake. 


The power of Real Fruit & Dual-Source Carbohydrates 

Nova is enriched with freeze dried Banana, a nutritional powerhouse, packed with easily digested, energy-rich carbohydrates, heart-healthy potassium, magnesium & anti-oxidants - all inducing a strong anti-inflammatory effect & improved metabolic recovery.(57)



Rich & dark Cocoa is at the heart of Nova's indulgent taste & silky texture. Not only does this wonderful sustainable ingredient transform this shake into a rewarding treat, but thanks to the naturally occurring polyphenols & flavanols within the cocoa beans, it offers multifold health benefits including reduced inflammation, improved blood flow, reduced cholesterol levels & improved heart and brain health. (58) Tryptophan within each cocoa bean also helps to make serotonin which contributes to feelings of happiness & well-being. (36,37)


We just knew Chocolate was the answer!


Adapt & thrive

Maca Root (Lepidium meyenii) hails from the high Andes mountains of Peru and has been used as a caffeine-free, plant-based performance enhancer since the days of the Inca warriors. A recognised adaptogen, this 100% natural vitamin & mineral rich plant has scientifically proven anti-inflammatory properties to assist the body in it's response to stress (59-62) and potentially may boost sporting endurance if taken daily. (43, 44).

With 1000mg Maca per serve, Nova will sooth your recovery..adapt & thrive!


Rehydrate & Replace electrolytes

You can loose up to a litre of sweat per hour & upto 900mg sodium per litre of sweat. We always recommend taking on added electrolytes as you exercise and continuing to replace these as part of your recovery to restore balance.(38,39)

 Made with Nature's finest Electrolytes  

  • Coconut water: Nature’s secret weapon against dehydration. Rich in natural electrolytes, potassium, magnesium & Vitamin C – a simple drying process locks-in all the natural minerals & vitamins ready to be released when you add water.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt - the purest salt on the planet. A source of over 84 vital macrominerals including sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, iron & phosphorus.

We produce our Recovery Protein Shakes within an Informed Sport Certified facility. 

The current batch D356, D516 & D519 are INFORMED SPORT ACCREDITED


🏅 With 26 Gold Star awards for taste & numerous ‘Best Product’ awards under our belt, we know you'll love our products.

If for any reason you don't, just let us know and we'll give you the value back… it’s great taste, guaranteed.

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