Recovery shakes


Serious about flavour

Recovery shakes are a quick and delicious way to restore necessary macro nutrients to your body after exercise — delivering essential protein and carbs to your muscles to aid recovery and muscle growth. But so many on the shelves are packed with artificial ingredients and taste awful.

Enter Nova and Vita

Our optimally balanced shakes give you the recovery boost you need, made from 100% real food ingredients, and taste way better than your average shake.

Vita Recovery Shake

Vita packs the same carb and protein punch as Nova, plus a vitamin C hit from raspberries and acai and natural adaptogens from ginseng. It also uses a low-lactose whey protein isolate that’s easier on the stomach.

Per 62.5g serving

Nova Recovery Shake

Our vegan Nova shake combines chocolate, banana and natural adaptogens from maca for a rich and rewarding flavour. The 13g of complete protein comes from our super smooth blend of pea, brown rice and pumpkin.

Per 67g serving

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