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Intelligently crafted, multi-format range of natural nutrition that actively enhances your physical performance and delivers exceptional results.
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Natural Energy Bars

Discover award-winning taste and performance that changes your game.

Performance Gels & Chews

Super-natural energy that's fast and lightweight with upto 44g of carbs.

Hydro Powered Electrolytes

Electrolyte blends with freeze-dried fruit, pure salts plus caffeine options too.
From the marathon at the Olympics to cycling hour records, hear it from the pros...

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"All natural energy with the most incredible flavour. Always keeps your taste buds interested after hours on the road"

Adharanand Finn

- Ultra Endurance Runner

"Performance comes first. But being able to use something thats natural and actually tastes good, with sustainable energy too, is a win-win."

Neah Evans

- British Cycling Champion

"Never did I think running nutrition could taste and perform so well. My marathon performance has hit PB after PB since fuelling with Veloforte."

Ed H

- Marathon Runner

"Now that I’ve retired from the World Tour, I finally get to choose my nutrition. I’m thrilled to choose Veloforte. I just wish I’d had more on me when I raced."

Alex Dowsett

- World Champion Cyclist

World Tour cycling & CX

Alex Dowsett - Pro Cycling

"As a haemophiliac on the pro circuit, managing my energy consumption and recovery are crucial. I never imagined I could get the balance of performance I needed from soley natural ingredients."