Energy bars product guide

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In your box, you’ll find a neat stack of the finest handmade natural energy bars.

Our Head Chef, Lara, started with an ancient Italian family recipe and adapted it to fuel the activities you love with 100% natural high-performing energy.

Discover our fuelling tips below, and if you have any questions, feel free to email us:


Load up on energy with a bar 30-60 minutes before your session. Half a bar will power a shorter workout.



If you’re exercising for 90+ minutes, aim to take on 30-60g of carbs per hour. We’d recommend ⅓ of a Veloforte bar every 20 minutes.



Replenish your body within 30 minutes of exercise. Choose a bar with higher protein for muscle repair.

Which energy bar is right for you?

Give yourself the upper hand, with this detailed breakdown of how and when to eat Veloforte energy bars for maximum effectiveness.

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