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At Veloforte we’re focused on helping you #fuelbetter.
To us, this is not only about creating the finest natural products, it’s about making positive & rewarding contributions to all our active lives too.

That’s why we’ve created Refuel - a loyalty programme to reward you for each and every purchase you make - and a simple way for us to say thank you for choosing Veloforte.

It takes two seconds to join and you'll instantly receive 250 bonus Refuel points to start using immediately.

Create an account and get 250 Refuel points

Grow your balance rapidly & easily by shopping & sharing

Turn your Refuel points into exclusive rewards & discounts

Ways to earn

There are many ways to earn Refuel points. Start by activating your Account, follow us on Social Media, share Reviews, celebrate your Birthday or place an Order. You’ll earn each and every time you shop and your points are added instantly.

You can take advantage of as many as you like.
Here’s how...

+250 Points

Create an Account

+100 Points

Submit an online Review

+500 Points

Celebrate Your Birthday

+50 Points

Follow on Instagram

+ 10 Points

For every £1 spent

+50 Points

Follow us on Twitter

+100 Points

Like us on Facebook

Spend Your Points

You can use your Refuel points to unlock free products and money off vouchers.
Your points balance is displayed inside your Refuel account.

Simply select the Reward you want to redeem and it'll be added to your cart.

Here's a few to choose from...

Free Products

From just

Exclusive Discounts


Points into £'s

Transfer at
Points per £1

£'s off Coupons


Member Exclusives

From just

Membership Perks

All-Access Pass

Be the first to know!
As a Refuel Rewards member you'll get early access to our latest products and collaborations - plus the chance to be invited behind the scenes to sample our Product Development

Special Event Invites

From Running, Riding & Outdoor events with our Partners, to tickets for National Expos - you'll be the first to hear about where we’ll be and the chance to get free tickets & gear.

Refuel Exclusives

Throughout the year we'll be hosting Challenges, Special Offers and giving Refuel Rewards members unique access to special bundles.
Stay tuned to find out when and where.

How to... Start

How to... Manage

How to... Earn

How to... Redeem

Refuel FAQ's

Do I need an Account to collect Refuel Points?

No. You will collect points every time you shop, regardless of whether you activated your account, however, you will need to activate your account to access your points and redeem your rewards. To allocate your points to the correct account, it's important you use the same email address you used for past purchases. This will also give you access to your purchase history, allow you to manage your subscriptions and receive personalised content.

Activating your Account is free and only takes a few seconds. Simply enter your Name, Email and a Password.

Once your Account is active, you'll be able to see your points balance and manage your Rewards using the Rewards window at the bottom of your Screen.

Create An Account Re-Fuel Rewards programme

How do I create an Account?

Creating your Account is free and only takes a few seconds. Simply enter your Name, Email and a Password.

Upon sign-up, 250 Bonus Points will be automatically loaded onto your Account balance and you'll be able to manage your Rewards by using the Rewards window at the bottom of your Screen.

Create An AccountRe-Fuel Rewards Panel 

I've shopped before, so why is my Account not recognised?

It's most likely because you didn't activate your Account yet. Making purchases on our website doesn't require you to activate your account, so try Creating your Account - it’s easy and free, just enter your Name, Email and a Password. Always make sure you use the same email address your used for past purchases when activating your account.

Once your Account is active, your Bonus Rewards Points will be immediately available via the Rewards window at the bottom of the screen.

Create An Account Re-Fuel Rewards Panel

I already have a Veloforte Account, do I need to create another one?

No. If you already have an Account, then you have automatically been enrolled into Refuel Rewards and your points balance will be immediately available. Just make sure you're logged-in to see it... you can do that by clicking on the 'Account' icon (top right of the screen) or by clicking on 'Sign In' within the Rewards window at the bottom of the page.

Trouble Logging In?

If you think you have an Account, but the system says your email is 'not recognised' then please make sure you're using the correct email. Otherwise, it's likely you haven't actually set up an Account with us yet - shopping on our website doesn't require you to create an account, so you may have shopped with us many times before, but not elected to create a formal Account. Creating one is easy and free, so sign up now and take advantage of your Bonus Rewards Points.

How do I earn Refuel points?

There are many ways... from creating an Account to sharing Reviews and more.

When you sign up, we'll immediately add Bonus Reward points to your balance and from there you can also take advantage of all of the ways to earn - use as many of them as you wish. It’s a great way to build your balance quickly and regularly.

Best of all, for every £1 you spend you’ll get 10 Refuel points - these are added to your balance immediately after Checkout.

Spending them is easy too... from Free products to discounts, money-off coupons or on exclusive promotions. Simply check your balance, select the Reward you'd like to redeem and it'll be added to your basket.

Can I use my Refuel points straight away?

Yes. When you sign up your Account will be credited with Bonus Reward points which can be used immediately. There are loads of ways you can build up your Refuel points balance, from leaving a Review to sharing on Social and for having a Birthday! Take a look at the Ways to Earn and take advantage of as many as you like.

Points earned from a purchase will be added to your balance straight after Checkout, ready for your next visit.
So long as you have enough Points for the Rewards you want to Redeem, you can use them.

How many Rewards can I redeem at one time?

One Reward can be redeemed per order.

You can choose to redeem as many Rewards as your points balance will allow. Those Rewards will be 'saved' for you to redeem on future orders (one Reward per order). You can see these by clicking on 'Your Rewards' within the Re-Fuel window and you can choose to 'Add to Cart' by clicking on their respective yellow buttons or by copy & pasting their unique codes at checkout.

Some Rewards may require a minimum order value before you can redeem them (Details of all Rewards are found in the Rewards window at the bottom of the screen.)

So long as you have the Points you need, you can redeem a Reward - each and every time you place an order.

Refuel Rewards are not available to any Veloforte Retail, Event, Trade or Sponsorship partners. All Terms & Conditions and Policies can be viewed here.

Can I get money-off instead?

Yes. You can transfer your Refuel points at the rate of 100 points for £1. Use the Variable Rewards Slider (within the Rewards window) to choose how many of your points you'd like to redeem.
There is a minimum order value of £20 required to redeem this way.

You can't transfer your balance to someone else's Account. Your Refuel points are yours only.

How do I manage my Rewards?

Once you have created an Account, your Refuel Rewards are accessed from inside the Rewards window at the bottom left of the screen.

You'll be able to see what your balance is and what Rewards are available to redeem. As you use or accrue Refuel points you'll be kept up to date via email so you can be sure of exactly what your account looks like and never miss exclusive Membership Perks such as promotions, invites or events.

If you'd like to cancel your Account, you can do that at anytime by following the links within the Rewards window.

You can view all the relevant Terms & Conditions and Policies by clicking here.

Re-Fuel Rewards Programme

Can I redeem a Reward and use a Discount code too?

Not at the same time.
If you have a Discount code you can choose to use it or redeem Reward Points at checkout, but you cannot use them both together.

Every purchase you make will add Refuel points to your balance - whether that’s on full-price or discounted purchases. You get the full value of the items (before any discount is applied) at the rate of 10 points for every £1.

Indy/Best Winner 2019 - Best All-Natural Energy Food

"Our standout Winner for refuelling on the go!"

The Independent

Runner's World - Best Energy Bar

"Brilliant & powerful. If there's a tastier way to fuel, we're yet to find it!"

Runner's World Magazine

Men's Health - Best Energy Bar

"Rocket-fuel that tastes amazing. It's everything you need to train hard"

Men's Health Magazine

100% Natural

Created to help you #fuelbetter, all our products are made using only the finest 100% natural ingredients.

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