Energy chews product guide

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We’re incredibly proud of these squidgy energy innovations.

With only natural ingredients and zero artificial additives, our chews deliver a quick boost of energy that’s perfect before and during exercise. They’re ideal for running, cycling, and a half time energy boost.

Discover more chewy tips below, and If you have any questions, feel free to email us:

Short workouts (under 90min)

Enjoy two chews 15-30 minutes before exercise. If you’re flagging you can have another couple during your workout.


Moderate workouts (90min–3hr)

Start fuelling from 20 minutes into your session. Take two chews every 20 minutes, or alternate with gels).

Endurance sports (3hr+)

Include chews within your fuelling mix (along with gels, bars, bananas and other real foods). Aim to take on 30-60g carbs per hour or more.


Caffeine chews

Our Amaro chews contain 75mg of naturally occurring caffeine per pack. They are a great option for providing focus and a mental boost during longer exercise. If you’re on the go for several hours, be sure to combine them with some non-caffeinated fuel.

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