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Energy gels product guide

Thank you for choosing Veloforte

We always believed it was possible to make mouthwateringly good energy gels from 100% natural ingredients that outperform the synthetic alternatives. And we’ve cracked it.

Discover more gel-ly tips below, and If you have any questions, feel free to email us:

Short workouts
(under 90min)

Take a gel around 30 minutes before exercise. If you’re flagging you could have another during your workout.


Moderate workouts

Start fuelling from 20 minutes into your session. Take a gel every 20-30 minutes, or alternate with chews).

Endurance sports

Include gels within your fuelling mix (along with chews, bars, bananas and other real foods). Aim to take on 30-60g carbs per hour or more.


Caffeine gel

Our Doppio gel also contains 75mg of naturally occurring caffeine per pack. They are a great option for providing focus and a mellow mental boost during longer exercise. If you’re on the go for several hours, be sure to combine them with some non-caffeinated fuel.

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