Refuel Subscriptions

Power your personal best with the world’s most delicious natural fuel.
Everything you need to fuel and motivate your training — at the best possible price.


Delicious, all-natural fuel delivered to fit your training.

Exactly what you need, with zero fuss.


As part of the Veloforte community you’ll get expert advice and insider access to exclusive events.


Save 5% on every order.

Enjoy free UK delivery.

Earn reward points to redeem on money-off vouchers and freebies.


Fuel on your terms. Change your bundle and frequency any time.

Pause, gift, skip or cancel an order with a click.

How it works

Choose a bundle — or create your own

Click ‘Subscribe and Save’

Set up your order frequency, save 5% on each order

Get the fuel you need, delivered to your schedule

Look out for exclusive email content and offers

Enjoy the world’s most delicious active fuel

Subscription FAQs

How do I change delivery frequency or cancel?

Your subscription, your way. Our flexi-subscriptions are designed to fit around your training, competing or busy active lifestyle. Some months you'll want to pause, others you may want to switch products - it's all easy to do in just a few clicks.

Simply create your Account or log-in by clicking on the person icon in the top right corner of your screen and manage using one of these buttons

Which products are included?

Every single Veloforte product is available as a one-time purchase or as a Subscription.

To subscribe, all you need to do is go to the product page you're interested in and select Subscribe & Save, follow the prompts and place your order. That's it!

Can I still buy one-time orders?

Yes, there are 2 ways to do this.

1. Head to the individual product page as usual and choose the one-time purchase option. Place your order, and it'll be dispatched out to you in the normal way. Any Subscriptions you might have are unaffected.


2. Within Your Account page, go to your current Subscription, select 'Add Product' and choose something you want to include as a one-time purchase. This will then be added to your next Subscription delivery. One-time purchases that are added to Subscriptions are only sent out to you once. It's like topping-up your box whenever you want to try something new.

Can I redeem my Refuel Rewards points?

Yes, anytime you want to throw-in free products to your next Subscription delivery or use your points against offers and money-off you can do so.

There are 2 ways to do it:

1. When placing a new order, simply add the Reward code to into the discount box at Checkout in the normal way.


2. When you want to use Rewards points or a discount code against an existing Subscription, go to Your Account page and click on the Manage Account link. Check how many points you have using the Manage Your Rewards button.

You will see a pop out option to Manage Subscriptions. Click this option, add your Refuel Rewards code in the discount box and hit Apply.



I'm going away, how do I pause my subscription?

To manage everything about your subscription, you will need a Veloforte account.

Log-in via the person icon at the top right of your screen and from here you will see your Upcoming Orders.

Use the dropdown to change Delivery Frequency or hit the Skip button if you're not ready for your next order.

Within Your Account you can:

  • Change the subscription frequency, skip, gift and spend rewards

  • Change the products you want

  • Change your personal details such as address, name and bank details




Will I be notified when I'm due to renew?

Yes, 3 days before your subscription is due to renew, we will send you a reminder email. You can either sit back knowing it's on it's way or decide to change the order or date of your subscription delivery - or you can pause or cancel as you wish.