Summer Energy

It's hot out there - at last! Good for the soul, but taxing on the body when you’re exercising.

Hydrate faster than water and maintain endurance performance with a range of electrolyte boosted Hydration Powders, Performance Gels and Energy Chews.

Replenish, rebalance, re-energise and save.
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Designed to replenish, naturally...


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28k+ verified reviews

"Very refreshing. Having the individual packets means I can carry on a long ride and refill with these so they're convenient.."

Duncan. P

- Cyclist

"This was my go-to electrolyte drink for my half marathon. Light and refreshing and complimented by other VF fuel on the day. Highly recommend!."

MIllie. C

- Runner

"Taste great, does exactly what it says on the tin, what more could you ask for. Easy to drink with none of the typical sweet, sickly flavour often associated with energy products."

Simon. D

Refreshing, rebalancing, re-energising

The power of Electrolytes... Sodium and Pottassium are the two most common 'essential minerals' lost in sweat.
Check out below how our range of Hydration Powders, Performance Gels and Energy Chews can help you maintain performance, no matter how far or fast you go.

Road Racing & CX

Alex Dowsett - Pro Cyclist

"When racing or training, I tend to use the chews first and the gels in the latter stages - with my favourite drink, Passo, throughout. It's just magical natural stuff! Keeping a constant level of electrolytes from all my nutrition is a big deal for me."

Desto Natural Energy Gel with Caffeine

Cherry & Guarana

From £6.59
Mela Energy Chews

Apple & Cinnamon

From £8.25
Passo Electrolyte Powder

Mango & Passionfruit

From £6.59
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Fitness & Diet

Millie - HiiT, Cross-Fit and Gym

"I like keeping things light. Especially when it's hot. Solo is a big one for me - like a gentle fruit tea, yet with the power to blast through my HiiT sessions. If I'm out on a run and want even more energy, I just dilute a Riba gel into my water bottle."

Solo Electrolyte Powder

Apricot & Sage

From £5.78
Fresco Energy Chews

Lemon & Mint

From £8.25
Riba - Natural Energy Gel

Blackcurrant & Elderflower

From £6.59
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