Natural caffeine

Performance boost

Caffeine has been consumed and celebrated around the world for centuries. When taken in proper quantities, caffeine has been shown to give many advantages during exercise. Caffeine works by slowing down the release of adenosine — a chemical that makes us feel sleepy.

This is great news for athletes, as caffeine will reduce feelings of fatigue and boost mental alertness. Recent studies have also shown caffeine can increase our tolerance and ability to deal with discomfort — a good thing for endurance sports.


A mellower boost

Whether it’s a pre-workout espresso, or a paper cup to warm your hands after a rainy afternoon ride, we know coffee can be a wonderful thing.

But coffee isn’t the only caffeine source. Our Amaro chews, Attivo hydration and Doppio gels all contain a mellow hit of caffeine from natural guarana, rather than coffee.

Guarana is native to the Amazon, where it has long been prized for its high antioxidant content and health-boosting properties. Our natural caffeine from pure guarana extract gives a mellow caffeine boost, for all of the focus and energy benefits with none of the jitters.

Silky smooth coffee* and maple flavoured energy gel, with dual-source carbs and caffeine from guarana, for a mental boost on those long rides and runs.

Per gel

* The coffee in our Doppio gel is decaf and just there for its delicious, mood-boosting flavour. The caffeine comes from 100% natural guarana.

Delightfully soft chews with delicious sour cherry and guarana. A perfect alternative to gels.

Per chew

Delicately flavoured carbs, caffeine and electrolytes, right in your bottle. Attivo is made with real fruits and botanicals and keeps you feeling fresh and focused.

Per sachet (500ml)


What to avoid

We all know not to have caffeine before bed, and for good reason. Caffeine in your system impacts the quality of your sleep, which in turn impacts your recovery and training performance.

One problem with many artificial ‘energy’ drinks and products is the incredibly high caffeine yield, which not only causes unnaturally high caffeine levels in your body but also takes a huge amount of time to leave your system, negatively affecting sleep and recovery.

These massive upswings in caffeine (often paired with excessive amounts of artificial sweeteners and refined sugars) lead to significant energy crashes down the line, which plays havoc with your attention, mood and metabolism.

Far better to stick with completely natural energy products with a caffeine lift from mellow guarana. All-natural ingredients make our products easier to digest and absorb. And we guarantee that they taste better than any lurid-coloured can of energy drink.


The sweet spot

You wouldn’t drink a double espresso every half hour. Each one of those contains around the same amount of caffeine as a Doppio gel, pack of Amaro chews or bottle of Attivo hydration.

So make sure you’re alternating them with non-caffeinated products too. Luckily we have plenty to choose from.

And aim not to consume more than 300mg of caffeine per day, in total.