Hydration product guide

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Our hydration range is created with real fruits, botanicals, electrolytes and natural ingredients to help you feel great and perform better.

Mix each sachet with 500ml of water.

We use real food ingredients with no artificial fillers or stabilisers. Sometimes the real fruit particles will settle at the bottom of your bottle — just give it a quick shake to release the fruity goodness.

Discover our fuelling tips below, and if you have any questions, feel free to email us: team@veloforte.com

Restoring electrolytes

All powders feature 100% natural electrolytes from sea salt and coconut. During particularly intense or sweaty workouts — or for sessions of over an hour — make sure you’re topping up electrolytes to keep your cells well hydrated and your muscles feeling fresh.


Energising carbohydrates

Vivo and Attivo each deliver 22g of natural carbs per serving. Enjoy on their own for shorter sessions, or combine with gels and chews for longer workouts (90+ minutes) — where you should aim for 30–60g of carbs per hour.


Focus-boosting caffeine

Attivo also includes 75mg of mellow, mood-boosting caffeine from guarana. Ideal for early-morning focus, or a mood boost during a long session or race.

For endurance and multi-day events make sure you’re including non-caffeinated options too.

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