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Mixed Energy Chews

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Light. Speed. Energy. Our four unique flavours in one mixed pack. 

Try our range of rapid-release energy chews, designed to totally re-charge your fuelling game.

  • 100% natural, powerful & delicious
  • 6 soft, melt in your mouth chews per pack
  • Real fruit & natural electrolytes
  • Apple, Ginger, Menthol & Caffeine packs
  • Handmade in the UK with nature's finest ingredients
  • Gluten Free, Vegan
  • No sulphites, additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavourings - free from any nasties!

Bite-sized brilliance, our break-through range of deliciously soft natural Energy Chews are handmade with real fruit, natural electrolytes and packed full of rapid-release energy for when you really need it. 4 different flavours including Apple & Cinnamon, Citrus, Cherry and Mint. Try the range and find your favourite! 

Super effective, super easy to use...


Getting your fuelling right can make all the difference to your whole day so considering your nutrition before, during & after your sports is essential if you want to avoid the peak & slump of energy levels.


For sessions lasting more than 90 minutes it's important to start re-fuelling from the start. Eat little & often & keep hydrated.

For moderate intensity exercise you should aim to consume 45g-60g carbohydrates per hour - towards 45g for low intensity exercise & increasing to 60g-90g for higher intensity sessions.


Super light & super powerful, each 50g Cubo pack contains 6 small & mighty soft chews that deliver up to 44g fast release energy - that's twice the carbohydrates as a standard gel & are as energy rich as a whole Veloforte bar but with a third less calories. Each pack of our Amaro also contains 75mg natural caffeine* to help you keep focussed & motivated. Suitable for all sports


Recommended intake: 2 chews every 20 minutes


* Amaro contains caffeine. Consume one hour before you need the benefit. Do not exceed 5 packs/day. Not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women

Mela - Apple & Cinnamon

Beet sugar, corn starch, real fruit juice concentrate (apple 8%, lemon) water, coconut water powder, dried cinnamon, pink Himalayan salt.

Meet Mela, a rewarding blend of real apple and cinnamon with the purest electrolytes in a deliciously soft melt-in-the-mouth chew. Find out more about Mela - Natural Energy Chews


Citro - Citrus & Ginger

Beet sugar, corn starch, water, orange & lemon fruit juice concentrate, coconut water powder, dried ginger, pink Himalayan salt


Soft, fruity and invigorating with real fruit, zingy ginger and the finest electrolytes, packed with fast-release energy. These chews add a revitalising spring to your stride and palate too. Find out more about Citro - Natural Energy Chews.


Amaro - Sour Cherry & Guarana

Beet sugar, corn starch, sour cherry concentrate (9%), water, guarana powder* (4%), lemon juice concentrate, coconut water powder, pink Himalayan salt


Made with mouth-watering sour cherry, the Amaro is packed with natural caffeine, electrolytes and fast-release energy too. The added 75mg of natural caffeine (from Guarana) helps to boost awareness and fight fatigue, naturally.(28)

It's soft, fruity & sour... totally delicious. Find out more about Amaro - Natural Energy Chews.

*The Amaro contains caffeine. Do not exceed 5 packs/day. Not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women


Fresco - Lemon & Cool Mint

Beet sugar, corn starch, water, lemon juice concentrate, coconut water powder, pink Himalayan salt, natural mint extract.


Soft, fruity & menthol. These chews are refreshingly light with natural electrolytes, packed with natural fast-release energy - cleanse your palate and open your air-ways... cool, refreshing and delicious. Find out more about Fresco - Natural Energy Chews.


All our Cubos are handmade in small batches within our London kitchens so you may find a little variety in the size of each individual cube in your pack.


Made in an environment that also handles nuts & sesame. 


Got a question? Check out the Cubo Range FAQs or Live Chat with us below.

For all nutritional information for each flavour, click the links below:


Mela Energy Chews - Apple & Cinnamon

Amaro Energy Chews - Sour Cherry & Guarana

Citro Energy Chews - Citrus & Ginger

Fresco Energy Chews - Lemon & Cool Mint

Fit for purpose, fit for body, naturally...


The secret to the amazing boost you get from our Cubo range comes from our unique combination of natural, plant-based ingredients, rich in dual-source energy.


Most energy chews use all sorts of artificial ingredients, our Cubos range is 100% natural... Gluten-free, gelatin-free, Vegan and free from any artificial gumming agents, preservatives or wax coatings - they are a seriously effective way to fuel your training and competing without any nasties. 


The science of chewing

Chewing can help smooth digestion and boost nutrient absorption by releasing saliva & digestive enzymes that help convert your food into energy quickly and efficiently. 

We've carefully chosen a mix of orange, lemon and sour cherry juices that are not only delicious, but are a super effective way to stimulate your taste buds, preparing your body to release the natural energy within.  


Big on performance, little on size... 

The Cubo range is the lightest and easiest way to re-energise and replenish lost electrolytes and energy on the go. 

Perfect for before & during exercise, each ingredient delivers rapid easily digestible energy:

Each pack contains up to 44g carbohydrate - derived from a combination of beet sugar, corn starch & real fruit juice fruit juices providing a mild sweetness and the optimal dual source energy from glucose & fructose – a trusted combination proven to extend endurance performance. (13-15)

Our Cubos energy sweets and chews are finely dusted with powdered beet sugar to stop them sticking without the need for artificial coatings or waxes.


Our chews also contain natural electrolytes - Sodium & Potassium from the finest natural sources: pink Himalayan salt & dried coconut water. These vital electrolytes, lost as you sweat, play an important role in maintaining blood pressure, fluid balance and nutrient transport to your cells – helping maintain optimal hydration & performance. (38,39) 


Bite-size & brilliant!


Our recipes are stuffed full of the finest ingredients. They are naturally free from gluten or any additives & preservatives … making them easily and naturally digestible, free from any nasties.


🏅 With 26 Gold Star awards for taste & numerous ‘Best Product’ awards under our belt, we know you'll love our products.

If for any reason you don't, just let us know and we'll give you the value back… it’s great taste, guaranteed.

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