Mixed Energy Bars Pack

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Veloforte | Voted Best All Natural Energy Food - The Independent

Try Our range of Energy Bars... #fuelbetter

Our 7-bar Mixed Bar Starter Pack giving you access to the most energy rich, natural and delicious nutrition available. 

Endurance sport puts unique demands on the body, so getting the right nutrition before, during and after exercise is essential. Whether you're running, cycling, working out or competing, this 100% natural, powerful & delicious range will provide you with everything you need to stay energised before, during & after exercise.

"Rocket Fuel! Perfect nutrition" - Men's Health Magazine


Veloforte | Natural Energy Bar | Sample Pack | Award Winning | Finest Nutrition

Fit for purpose, fit for body, naturally... 

Our award-winning range helps keep your energy balanced and your palate fresh all day long and are the only nutrition products to have ever been awarded multiple Gold's at the Great Taste Awards.

"Simply incredible!" - The Observer Magazine


Veloforte | Mixed Sample Pack | 100% natural energy bars | Gluten free | Award-winning

Our recipes are stuffed full of the finest ingredients. They are naturally free from gluten or any additives & preservatives… the Avanti & Pronto are Vegan too, making them all easily and naturally digestible, free from any nasties. 


In the Starter Pack you get seven different flavours... You can find out more about each one by clicking on the below links to their specific product pages. 

Veloforte | Zenzero | Ginger, Lemon & Pistachios | Vegan


Invigorating & powerful... An exceptional mix of Sicilian lemons, ginger, pistachios & spices, offering balanced energy & support for tired muscles. It's vegan too! (Learn more)

Veloforte | Classico | Citrus | Almonds | Honey | Great Taste Winner


Fresh, powerful and incredibly delicious... An exceptional mix of citrus fruits, nuts & spices, offering balanced and sustained energy. (Learn more)

Veloforte | Ciocco | Dates | Almonds | Cocoa | Gluten Free


Brilliant for endurance and recovery too, it's deep, rich & powerful. Crammed full of chewy dates, crunchy almonds and enriching cocoa. (Learn more)

Veloforte | Di Bosco | Red Berries | Almonds | Pistachios | Great Taste Winner | Gluten Free

Di Bosco

Plucked straight from the forest it's crammed full of red berries, almonds, pistachios, rosemary and more. Superb and energy rich endurance nutrition - as delicious as nature can be. (Learn more)

Veloforte | Pronto | Caffeine | Vegan | Figs | Pistachios | Matcha Tea | Gluten Free


An invigorating mix of juicy figs, crunchy pistachios & Matcha tea. With 80mg of Natural Caffeine per bar, it's designed specifically to improve alertness & concentration, enhancing your ability to work hard for longer. It's vegan too!. (Learn more)

Veloforte | Avanti | Salted | Dates | Pecans | Sea Salt | Gluten Free | Vegan


Satisfyingly salted. Packed full of juicy dates, crunchy pecans, almonds & sea salt. The perfect all day bar to keep you fuelled and replenished. It's vegan too!. (Learn more)

Veloforte | Forza | Protein Bar | Natural | Powerful | Delicious | Complete Protein | Runners | Cyclist | Recovery


Juicy apricots, crunchy almonds, aromatic fennel & the power of 12g of complete protein makes the Forza the optimal workout refuelling bar. (Learn more)


"Power like no other" - Cycling Plus


All Veloforte bars & bites are handmade from the finest ingredients.
They last 12 months when stored in a cool dry place.
We use whole fruits and whole nuts in our products, whilst every effort is made to remove all fruit stones & nut shells, there may be the occasional fragment.
Not suitable for people with nut or peanut allergies. 

To help avoid waste we use recyclable packing materials and ship orders with the minimum packaging. Therefore, multi-box orders may be consolidated into a single box so please let us know in the Order Notes window if you’d like yours to remain as a multi-box order.