Packed with easy-to-digest ingredients & masses of flavour

Energy & protein bars that meet your specific training needs

Based on an ancient Italian-family Panforte recipe, discover world-class taste, texture and performance baked into each.
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100% Natural

Juicy fruit, crunchy nuts and aromatic spices hand baked into every soft & chewy, delicious bar. Rewarding, motivating and energising. Try some, you'll feel it too.

Performance & Protein

Everything you need to perform. Dual source carbs, essential plant based proteins & fibre, blended into 7 delicious signature flavours. Vegan friendly, hand-crafted and gentle on the stomach.

Pure Gold

From ultra-marathon runners to cyclists there's no better winning recipe than all-natural ingredients. Experience a range recognised by world champs, awarded by nutritionists and loved by you.

Fit for purpose

Pre-workout gym fuel? Track cycling championships? Ultra-marathon training? Post session recovery?

No matter how far or fast, every bar delivers when you need it most.

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Great taste, guaranteed 🏅

With 35 Gold stars under our belt, we remain the only nutrition brand in the World to have ever been awarded multiple Great Taste Awards - now 7 years in a row!

We know you'll love how our products taste, in fact we guarantee it! If for any reason you don't, just let us know.

Real Food

Created to help you #fuelbetter using only 100% natural ingredients.

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