Family Box

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Keep active, keep energised 

Save big on these family-sized boxes with a 25% saving already included in the price. These energy-rich and award-winning bars are packed full of the finest 100% natural wholesome ingredients, and are a great source of energy, essential protein & fibre for the whole family too.

Handcrafted in our London bakery, we carefully chop, blend & bake our bars using the finest optimally balanced recipes to provide a range of deliciously soft, chewy and substantial bars that help energise your health and wellbeing right across your active lifestyle.

Thanks to the dried fruit within each recipe, our bars have a natural year-long shelf life without the use of any artificial additives or preservatives. Perfect to stash in your cupboard for a rainy day or last-minute healthy energy boost.

Standard or Maxi:

Standard box: A mix of 28 bars
(6 each of Avanti & Ciocco, 5 each of Classico & Zenzero, 2 each of Forza, Di Bosco & Pronto)

Maxi box: A mix of 50 bars
(10 each of Avanti & Ciocco, 9 each of Classico & Zenzero, 4 each of Forza, Di Bosco & Pronto)

All bars have a guaranteed Best Before date of at least June 2021. 

All Veloforte bars are handmade from the finest ingredients. 
They last 12 months when stored in a cool dry place. 
We use whole fruits and whole nuts in our products, whilst every effort is made to remove all fruit stones & nutshells, there may be the occasional fragment.
Not suitable for people with nut or peanut allergies. 

To help avoid waste we use recyclable packing materials and ship orders with the minimum packaging. Therefore, multi-box orders may be consolidated into a single box so please let us know in the Order Notes window if you’d like yours to remain as a multi-box order.