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How to #fuelbetter

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Best Energy Bars for Runners: Here’s How to Choose

Posted by Team Veloforte on

There’s more than one way to fuel a runner. While energy gels, energy chews and energy drinks all have their place in our running fuel kit, energy bars can also be great for pre-fuelling, topping...

When to Eat Energy Bars

Posted by Team Veloforte on

Energy bars provide your body with vital carbohydrates to fuel exercise. Eat an energy bar 30 mins before workouts, especially if you’re training before breakfast. During exercise aim to take on 30-60 grams of carbohydrates...

How Do Energy Bars Work?

Posted by Team Veloforte on

Energy bars work by delivering energy to your body in the form of carbohydrates, in an easy, portable format. They can be a great source of both fast and slow release energy (simple and complex...

How to Choose the Best Energy Bars

Posted by Team Veloforte on

Choose an energy bar that will provide the right amount of carbohydrate energy for your exercise, preferably from natural sources. Find a bar that’s easy to digest and that you enjoy eating. There are all...

What Are Energy Bars? And How They Are Different to Other Bars

Posted by Team Veloforte on

Energy bars are a compact, portable source of carbohydrate energy, which can be eaten before, during and after exercise. Some are made from natural ingredients, and others rely on synthetic sugars and additives. There’s a...

Are Energy Bars Healthy?

Posted by Team Veloforte on

Not all energy bars are made equal. Many are high in saturated fat, synthetic sugar and empty calories. Even healthier bars are naturally high in sugar and carbs, perfect to top up your energy on...

How to Choose the Best Energy Bars for Cycling in 2022

Posted by Team Veloforte on

When choosing the best cycling energy bars for you there are several considerations; why you are using it, when you are using it, what it will do for you and above all else the personal consideration of taste and enjoyment.

Here at Veloforte we believe the best energy bars are those that deliver natural fuel in a tasty, powerful and delicious way that can be easily digested and absorbed by your body.

In this post we look at what makes the best bars for you.