20 Best Gifts for Cyclists in 2023

20 Best Gifts for Cyclists in 2023

Cyclists are an interesting breed, and choosing cycling gifts can often seem tricky. Luckily the Veloforte team is full of avid riders, and we’ve pulled together their top picks for 2023.

So whether you need a gift for a lycra-clad road cyclist or a mud-and-sweat mountain biker, we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered 21 of the best gifts for cycling enthusiasts.

There’s a range of prices, from big gifts to stocking stuffers, with cycling gifts for him and her.

What does every cyclist need?

It’s no secret that most cyclists love gear! We’ve focused on gear which is well made and built to last.


Hardware doesn’t have to mean a brand new bike. Think little upgrades that make big improvements, like new handlebar tape or a beautifully designed bell. Of course, if it was a new bike I’m sure they’ll have some suggestions...


There’s a great range of well made cycling apparel here, from a staple cycling jersey to cold weather tights and gloves. Plus cycling socks and caps always make a great stocking filler.

Fuelling and performance

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about cycling fuel. Great riding starts with great nutrition, so stuff a stocking with top gels and chews, or treat them to a mixed box of goodies for under the tree.


Even when they’re not in the saddle, they’re probably thinking about cycling. So hook them up with some cycling inspiration: books, documentaries, art, or even some super cool mini figures of cycling heroes.

The best cycling gifts

  1. Albion Rain Jacket 2.0
  2. Veloforte Hydro Pro Bidon
  3. Le Col Hors Categorie Deep Winter Gloves
  4. Brompton Spurcycle Bell
  5. Rapha Cargo Winter Tights with Pad
  6. Fizik Tempo Microtex Bar Tape
  7. Alpkit Brukit Coffee System
  8. Workshop Vale Inca Espresso Single Origin Coffee
  9. Rapha Black + Blum Insulated Cup
  10. Soz Mate Women's Aero Long Sleeve Jersey
  11. Queens of Pain: Legends and Rebels of Cycling
  12. SunGod Vulcans TF Sunglasses
  13. Shimano MW7 Gore-tex SPD Shoes
  14. Cycle of Good Recycled Inner Tube Pencil Case
  15. Ottolock Steel and Kevlar Bike Lock
  16. Le Col Cycling Socks
  17. Veloforte Mixed Bars Pack
  18. Retro Mapei Cycling Cap
  19. Veloforte Recovery Shakes and Limited Edition Steel Shaker
  20. Ride: The Greatest Cycling Routes in the World

1. Albion Rain Jacket 3.0



This lightweight waterproof from iconic British brand Albion is going straight to the top of the Christmas list for Jess, our Graphic Designer.

“It’s sustainable, 100% waterproof and the one item missing from my cycling wardrobe, so I don't get wet and cold this winter!”

It comes in a more sedate ‘mist’ white, or this brand new cheerful orange colourway, which we love. And as you’d expect from Albion, there’s triple-layer waterproofing, taped seams and a super durable construction.

2. Veloforte Hydro Pro Bidon


Veloforte Hydro Pro Bidon

Drink up! This classy bidon, designed in collaboration with Zefal, is just the thing to keep the cyclist in your life happy and hydrated.

Beneath its restrained black-and-white appearance there are tons of clever features like its super soft fast-flow silicone nozzle, cage fit and grip ring.

3. Le Col Hors Categorie Deep Winter Gloves



Le Col Hors Categorie Deep Winter Gloves

When the weather really starts to bite, those handmade gloves from gran aren’t going to cut it. These deep winter gloves from Le Col are some seriously warm and heavy duty gloves for cold rides, but they’re quite happy pulling double duty on weekend walks, or even the school run.

Water resistant outer material, grippy silicone — even a microfibre nose-wipe on the thumb! You won’t find many better made pairs than these ones.

4. Brompton Spurcycle Bell


Fenwick Spurcycle Bell

Is this the world’s most stylish bicycle bell? It just might be.

Perfect for the cyclist in your life who’s also a design fan, this spurcycle bell from Brompton also works a charm with easy fitting to suit you, and a very satisfying ring.

The classy metal construction also comes in black.

5. Rapha Cargo Winter Tights With Pad


Rapha Cargo Winter Tights With Pad

This is a properly serious set of cold-weather tights. Cyclewear legends Rapha rarely miss, and these are a great example of their commitment to exceptionally well designed and made gear.

They’re cosy and fleecy on the inside, and robust and water-repellent on the outside. Cleverly placed pockets give you loads of options for fuel and accessories, and reflective material on the calves gives added low-light visibility.

Our co-founder Marc is hoping to find them under the tree this year:

“Comfy, warm and somewhere to put everything without looking like a tortoise!”

6. Fizik Tempo Microtex Bar Tape


Fizik Tempo Microtex Bar Tape

Winter’s a great time for a little cycle TLC. Give them a helping hand with this microtex bar tape from Fizik. It has a great level of grippiness and comes at a decent price too.

There are loads of colours in the range, from bold statements to classic black and grey. We’re fond of the vintage vibes of this teal, and love the classic perforated design.

7. Alpkit Brukit Coffee System


Alpkit Brukit Coffee System

A great all-in-one coffee system for bikepacking, long days in the saddle (or just to pull out the stops at a weekend picnic). The Brukit from British outdoor brand Alpkit is robust and well made, with all the bits you need to brew a great cup of coffee outdoors.

8. Workshop Single Origin Valle Inca Espresso Coffee


Cycling and coffee have always gone hand-in-hand. Save on those cheeky halfway-point Americanos and get brewing with this warming and fudgy single origin coffee from London’s Workshop Coffee. Ethically sourced from a Calca in Peru, it gives a big hit of flavour.

9. Rapha Black + Blum Insulated Cup


Finishing off our trio of coffee-related gifts, how slick is this reusable coffee cup from Frank Green? Brandished with the inimitable Rapha logo, it’ll fit in your bottle cage for commuting or long rides — but you’ll also look great carrying it around town.

10. Soz Mate Women's Aero Long Sleeve Jersey


You can’t go wrong with a cycling jersey as a gift, and Paria have a great range of fun options to bring some colour to a grey morning ride, including collaborations with UK music venues, coffee roasters and breweries.

11. Queens of Pain: Legends and Rebels of Cycling


Queens of Pain: Legends and Rebels of Cycling

Spanning over 100 years, Queens of Pain tells the story of the legends and rebels of cycling — women who’ve overcome, pioneered, won and lost.

It’s a gorgeously designed book, charting overlooked stories from the history of riding.

12. SunGods Vulcans TF Sunglasses


SunGods Vulcans TF Sunglasses

In the cycling sunglasses world, SunGods are fast becoming the go-to brand. These photochromic UV-filtering glasses are a great example why. They’re well made, come in loads of colourways and offer excellent protection from UV rays and glare.

Our co-founder Marc says:

“I can pretend I'm young and handsome (and they're large enough to hide my face!)”

13. Shimano MW7 Gore-Tex SPD Shoes


Shimano MW7 Gore-Tex SPD Shoes

Designed with rugged MTB and gravel trails in mind, these waterproof insulated shoes from Shimano are absolutely hardcore.

“Once the cold sets in icy toes can have you heading home early,” says Lucy, our paid social specialist.

“These SPDs should guarantee warm and dry feet mountain biking and gravel riding during the winter months.”

14. Cycle of Good Recycled Inner Tube Pencil Case


Cycle of Good Recycled Inner Tube Pencil Case

Do you know what cyclists love to think about when they’re not on the bike? Cycling. This minimalist pencil case is produced from recycled inner tubes, so they never need to be too far from bike parts.

Cycle of Good also donate a brick to projects in Malawi for each order, so you’re doing good too!

15. Ottolock Steel and Kevlar Bike Lock


Ottolock Steel and Kevlar Bike Lock

It’s bright orange and it’s made of kevlar (the same stuff as bullet-proof vests). This combination bike lock is highly reviewed online, and also very difficult to misplace.

16. Le Col Cycling Socks


Socks are a great gift. And these ones from Le Col are the cycling socks. The material, the height, the compression, the moisture-wicking. It’s all on point.

You could get the classic black with white trim — or why not go off-piste with this cheerful light blue pair?

17. Veloforte Mixed Bars Pack


Veloforte Mixed Bars Pack

They’re excellent cycling fuel. They’re made of 100% natural ingredients. They taste great (the Great Taste Awards agree, with gold awards five years in a row).

Treat your cyclist to the ultimate fuel upgrade. We can’t guarantee they’ll smash their PB or finally win back that Strava segment — but we bet it’ll be the most enjoyable cycling fuel they’ve had.

19. Vintage Mapei Cycling Cap


Veloforte Mixed Bars Pack

Nothing says, “I love cycling” like a vintage cycling cap does. Brick Lane Bikes carries a great range of retro numbers, from all sorts of global cycling brands. You could play it cool — or you could opt for this bright and bonkers option from Mapei.

19. Veloforte Mixed Recovery Shakes & Shaker

Shaker £19.99 | Shakes from £9.89

Recovery is a vital and often overlooked part of cycling. Give them a great-tasting, all natural headstart on recovering well and feeling great. Choose from the chocolatey Nova’s complete vegan protein, or fruity Vita’s low-lactose whey protein. Both are 100% natural, silky smooth and delicious.

They can finally dump the foul smelling plastic shaker they’ve been carting around. This very limited edition black-on-black brushed steel shaker feels robust in the hand, it doesn’t leak and it makes a great smooth shake. It’s also double-wall insulated to keep things nice and cool.

21. Ride: The Greatest Cycling Routes in the World


Ride: The Greatest Cycling Routes in the World

Finally, a little coffee table inspiration. This hefty book from Cyclist Magazine features ‘the greatest cycling routes in the world’ with info, inspiration and beautiful large format images.

Even if they can’t get out there this winter, this eye candy will be just the thing to keep motivation levels up.

What about gifts for cyclists who have everything?

We think there’s something on the list to keep any cyclist happy. But if you’re buying for someone who really does have everything, there are a few helpful principles.

Principle one: you can never have too many pairs of cycling socks. Or caps. Or energy bars.

Principle two: If in doubt, going personal is a great option. Frame a race number and medal. Find a map of their favourite route and turn it into something beautiful (or find an Etsy seller who can). Memorialise a memorable ride with photos, coffee receipt, or even their Strava map.

Choosing the perfect cycling gift

We hope these gift ideas for cyclists will help you find the perfect gift.

Remember, it’s helpful to think about what kind of rider they are: mountain biker or road racer. Do they prefer classic blacks, whites and greys, or all-out colour? And it’s always handy to find out what size they wear. (Of course, our energy bars are a great fit for all sizes…)