15 Best Gifts for Triathletes in 2023

Triathlete gifts

So you need a gift for the triathlete in your life? No sweat. We’ve gathered together some great gift ideas for triathletes, at a range of price points.

From socks to watches, headphones to hydration, read on for triathlon gift ideas they’ll actually enjoy (and you won’t find gathering dust in a cupboard like that hilarious novelty mug).

As a bonus — make sure you check out our ultimate gift guide for runners and our guide for cyclists too.

What does every triathlete need?

The short answer — three times as much! Because of its three distinct disciplines, triathlon can require a daunting amount of gear to get started. We’ve pulled together some ideas for the swim, the bike and the run below. Here are some more essential gifts for the triathlete in your life.

Basic gear

Running shoes, shorts and top. A triathlon wetsuit. Cycling shoes. A decent, breathable waterproof. Moisture-wicking socks. These are the essentials.

Fuel and performance

Step things up a level with high quality exercise nutrition, and make the whole thing more enjoyable with little upgrades like high quality headphones, a cosy changing robe or a recovery foam roller or massager.


When they’re not training or competing, they’re probably thinking about it. So keep them inspired with a triathlon-themed subscription or book.

The best triathlon gifts

  1. Garmin Enduro Titanium Multisports Watch
  2. Bodyglide Anti-Chafing Balm
  3. Lock Laces
  4. Veloforte Mixed Hydration and Hydro Pro Bidon
  5. AfterShokz Xtrainerz Underwater Headphones
  6. Finisterre Recycled Wetsuit Mat/Bag
  7. Passenger Escapism Recycled Changing Robe
  8. Veloforte Ultimo Snood
  9. Hoka Bondi X Running Shoes
  10. Rockay Accelerate Socks
  11. Veloforte Mixed Energy Gels / Mixed Energy Chews
  12. Theragun Mini Massager
  13. Meglio Foam Roller
  14. Strava Premium Subscription
  15. The Triathlete’s Training Bible

1. Garmin Enduro Titanium Multisports Watch

From £546


Okay, so this isn’t going to be in most people’s gift budget — but Garmin’s latest Enduro is considered by some to be the ultimate triathlon watch, no least for its mammoth battery life.It boasts 80 hours in GPS mode, or two months in smartwatch mode!

It also features all the pace, tracking and body insights you’d expect from a Garmin watch, whether you’re on two wheels, two feet or in the water.

2. Bodyglide Anti-Chafing Balm

From £14.99

Maybe not the most exciting gift in the world, but it is vital. Nothing puts the dampener on training quite like chafing — and it’s always a risk in triathlon training.

Show them you care by sending some Bodyglide their way. It’s non-sticky, non-greasy, doesn’t smell weird and goes on easily. Honestly, they’ll thank you.

3. Lock Laces


Lock Laces

Triathletes don’t have time to be messing around tying their shoelaces. It’s all about transitioning quickly from one event to the next. Great on race day, and equally handy for taking the bins out...

These Lock Laces are the go-to name in quick-fastening laces thanks to their robust and no-nonsense design. There are lots of colours available, but it’s Christmas so we’ve picked red.

Various colours available

4. Veloforte Mixed Hydration and Hydro Pro Bidon

From £4.99

Veloforte Mixed Hydration  Hydro Pro Bidon

Keep them healthy and hydrated with these 100% natural electrolyte powders. Made from real fruit, botanicals and electrolytes — these will help hydration and stave off muscle fatigue. Choose from pure electrolytes (Solo), electrolytes and carbs (Vivo), or electrolytes, carbs and caffeine (Attivo). Or a mixed pack!

Pair these with the Veloforte Hydro Pro bottle — a classic bidon design with clever features like a fast-flowing silicone nozzle, grip ring and perfect fit on a bike bottle cage. Cheers!

5. AfterShokz Xtrainerz Underwater Headphones


AfterShokz Xtrainerz Underwater Headphones

Unlike AfterShokz other headphones, these are designed specifically for underwater use. You can still expect crystal clear audio quality from the bone-conducting technology (nothing goes in your ears!). But rather than connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, these store 1,000+ songs on their 4GB internal memory.

Though they’re designed for swimming, they’re equally good on the bike or on a run. Chuck on some of their favourite inspirational tunes for extra bonus points.

Available in black or blue

6. Finisterre Recycled Wetsuit Mat/Bag


Finisterre Recycled Wetsuit Mat/Bag

This is one of those gifts that, once you’ve got it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. This wetsuit changing mat from UK-based sustainable surfwear pioneers Finisterre doubles up as a waterproof carrying bag.

Stand on it to change out of your wetsuit, then wrap the whole thing up to carry home. Your feet stay dry, your wetsuit doesn’t go in the dirt, and you don’t drip all over the car. It’s also made from 100% recycled materials. Win win.

7. Passenger Escapism Recycled Changing Robe


Passenger Escapism Recycled Changing Robe

A super cosy changing robe from another UK brand with excellent eco credentials, Passenger. This does everything you need a changing robe to do. It’s lined with super soft sherpa fabric, it’s hooded, roomy and comes in some great colours. And this one’s also made from recycled materials.

8. Veloforte Ultimo Snood


Be prepared for the outdoors with an ultra versatile snood made from premium seamless open-weave breathable fibres with Repel technology - water just runs off.


Wicks away moisture when you're hot, keeps you warm and toasty when it’s not.

9. Hoka Bondi X Running Shoes


Hoka Bondi X Running Shoes

Training for a triathlon means a lot of hours on your feet. The latest shoe in the Bondi range from Hoka is designed for just that — hours of comfort on your long runs.

With the plush cushioning we’ve come to expect from Hoka, these also have a responsive midsole for good bounce-back — and the chunky colourful styles look pretty cool too.

10. Rockay Accelerate Socks From


Rockay Accelerate Socks From

Socks for Christmas? Of course. But these Accelerate socks from Rockay are rated highly for their non-slip fit and moisture wicking abilities, making them a great choice for triathlon. You don’t want to be losing a sock on the transition from bike to run, and these will stay in place and stay comfy, with good blister protection.

11. Veloforte Mixed Energy Gels / Mixed Energy Chews

From £6.99


Our energy gels are one of the most efficient ways to take on energy-boosting carbs during a run. These all natural gels come in a variety of great-tasting flavour combinations. They also offer the same hit of carbohydrates as their synthetic counterparts, in a much more compact size.

Veloforte’s all-natural energy chews are soft, squishy and completely delicious. But don’t be fooled, they also deliver a substantial amount of dual-source energy. The Amaro chews give a mellow caffeine lift from guarana, and all three flavours contain pure natural electrolytes to keep muscles feeling fresh.

They’re super easy to digest and a delight to eat. It’s no surprise that they’ve picked up multiple awards and accolades, including Best Buy from the Independent and Men’s Fitness magazine.

4, 12 and 24 packs available.

12. Theragun Mini Massager



Theragun has established itself as the big name in at-home massagers. This Mini version packs a lot of great features into a smaller and more portable package.

Designed for massaging tired muscles after exercise, the Theragun promotes recovery and reduces soreness.

Various designs available.

13. Meglio Foam Roller From


Meglio Foam Roller From

Decidedly more low-tech than the Theragun, a good foam roller is still an excellent piece of recovery equipment, and this high density foam option is a lightweight and stylish option.

Perfect for stretching out tired leg muscles after a heavy session. And the minimalist forest green design means you won’t even need to hide it.

Various colours available.

14. Strava Premium Subscription

From £4.58/month

Strava Premium Subscription

If you’ve spent any time at all with a triathlete it’s likely you’re aware of Strava. It’s the place to log runs, rides and swims, compete for supremacy on local segments and track your training. Added features like location sharing, heatmaps and advanced training analysis make Strava Premium a great giftable subscription.

15. The Triathlete’s Training Bible


The Triathlete’s Training Bible

This book describes itself as ‘the world’s most comprehensive training guide’ and it’s hard to disagree. Perfect for triathlon beginners and those looking to improve their performance, there’s a reason this is the best selling triathlon training book out there.

What about gifts for triathletes who have everything?

If they really have everything, you could do worse than to double up on some essentials. After all, you can never really have too many socks, or energy gels, or bikes… There are some great inspiring movies and documentaries online you could treat them to, or share your favourite audiobook with them, to keep them company on long training sessions. And you could always enter them into another race...

Choosing the perfect triathlete gifts

We hope this list will help you find the perfect gift for the triathlete in your life.

If you’re still scratching your head then check out our gifts for runners and our gifts for cyclists guides too.