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How to #fuelbetter

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6 Best Running Gel Belts in 2022

Posted by Team Veloforte on

Whether you’re training or racing, the moment your runs start ticking above the 90 minute mark, you need a way to top up your energy levels. Energy gels are a popular choice for bringing a...

8 Running Recovery Tips to Help You Recover Quickly

Posted by Team Veloforte on

It’s easy to think you earn those fitness gains while you’re sweating. But that’s only part of the puzzle. Yes, you need that hilly 10km slog or lung-burning interval track session to trigger the improvements,...

Hypotonic vs Hypertonic vs Isotonic: What’s the Difference?

Posted by Team Veloforte on
What do hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic drinks really mean and when is the best time to consume which sports drink for optimum performance? Hear's all you need to know

Should You Be Exercising With DOMS?

Posted by Team Veloforte on
Having sore muscles is no fun, but should you continue exercising with DOMS? Find out when it’s ok to keep working out and how to get rid of sore muscles ASAP!

15 Best Gifts for Triathletes in 2022

Posted by Team Veloforte on

So you need a gift for the triathlete in your life? No sweat. We’ve gathered together some great gift ideas for triathletes, at a range of price points. From socks to watches, headphones to hydration,...

10 High Energy Snacks to Boost Your Performance

Posted by Team Veloforte on
Your snack choices can make or break your exercise. Find out what high-energy snacks to nibble on to fight fatigue, fuel your muscles & boost your performance!

Post-Workout Recovery With Vegan Protein Done Right

Posted by Team Veloforte on

Plants provide plenty of protein for your body to fuel your post-exercise recovery. Discover the best vegan protein sources for you to try!

Triathlete Diet: What to Eat to Compete

Posted by Team Veloforte on

Triathlon is a challenging and time consuming sport, with three different disciplines to prepare for you will frequently be training twice a day.

It's therefore important to fuel your triathlon training by eating the right foods, at the right times, to ensure you recover sufficiently between sessions and achieve a healthy body weight and the right amount of daily calories.

We speak with Olympian, Emma Davis on what it takes to make sure you're ready on race day.

Endurance Nutrition: How To Fuel For Ultra Endurance

Posted by Team Veloforte on
Everything you need to know about fuelling for the long haul

How to master performance nutrition

Posted by Team Veloforte on

Fuelling for your favourite sport doesn’t begin on the start line, or finish once you have a shiny medal round your neck.  Thinking about what you eat before, during and after you race, while you...