High5 vs SiS vs Veloforte: Which Energy Gels Are Best For You?

High5 vs SiS vs Veloforte gels

Energy gels are broadly designed to do the same job: get energy into your body fast so you can perform at your best for longer. The best gels are pocket-friendly, easy to eat on the move and help fuel your endurance adventures.

But with so many options out there, how do you choose the energy gel that’s best for you? Of course, at Veloforte, we believe we’re the best, and to show you why — we compare our energy gels to two popular brands – High5 and SiS.

Key differences between High5, SiS vs Veloforte

Whether it’s size, weight, quantity of carbohydrates or the standard fruit flavours, SiS and High5 energy gels are pretty hard to tell apart. Their manufactured ingredients lists are almost identical, and neither offers any nutritional value beyond the energy, electrolytes and caffeine. They also offer the same hit of carbohydrates. In fact, in a blindfolded SiS vs High5 taste test, you’d struggle to tell them apart.

Our gels, on the other hand, are made from 100% natural, real-food ingredients with a huge variety of interesting flavours that taste nothing like the chemical overtones you get with some gels. They also offer additional nutritional benefits in smaller, more portable, tummy-friendly, health-supporting packs that deliver the same energy hit.

High5 vs SiS vs Veloforte

Here’s a more detailed look at High5 vs SiS vs Veloforte:

About High5 energy gels

You’ll often find High5 energy gels at aid stations during major events. Like most brands, they have a variety of types, including regular, caffeine, a more liquid Aqua gel and an electrolyte gel. All in a range of pretty familiar fruit flavours.

At 66g per gel, High5 are among the bigger, bulkier gels to carry. You’ll need more space in your running belt and pockets to carry the recommended three gels per hour.

When it comes to ingredients, High5’s carbs come from glucose syrup and the manufactured sugar, Maltodextrin. You’ll find Maltodextrin in a lot of sports energy products. It’s a cheap-to-produce synthetic sugar made from the starch of rice, potatoes or corn that’s also been linked to gastric discomfort and bloating due to its highly concentrated glucose formulation. These synthetic sugars are very easy to overfuel on, which causes flooding of the bowel with fluids from your circulating blood, leading to the inevitable bloating and gastric discomfort.

These gels also contain a range of chemical-sounding preservatives and acidity regulators that include Sodium Citrates, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate.

Beyond supplying energy, caffeine and electrolytes, there are virtually no additional nutritional benefits.

About SiS energy gels

SiS energy gels, aka Science in Sport, are isotonic. That means they’re formulated with a similar concentration of fluid, sugars and salt to your blood, and the aim here – in theory at least – is that they can be taken without the need for water.

Like High5 they come with the usual range of fruit flavours and there are caffeine, electrolyte options.

The 60g packs are just as bulky as High5 too, due to their isotonic formulation. That extra water means more volume.

The ingredients list is surprisingly similar too. The main carbs come from Maltodextrin. You’ve got acidity regulators in the form of Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, and Malic Acid. Preservatives, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate. But you’re also getting some bonus artificial sweeteners: Acesulfame K, Sucralose and the gelling agents Gellan and Xanthan Gum.

About Veloforte energy gels

At Veloforte, we designed our energy gels to be very different. Unlike SiS and High5, our gels are made from 100% real-food ingredients. No artificial nasties go anywhere near our gels.

We keep it simple and delicious, using combinations of brown rice syrup, maple syrup and real fruit juice concentrate to deliver powerful natural dual-source carbohydrates. A blend of fructose (fruit sugars) and glucose to facilitate easy absorption without the risks of overloading the gut. Goodbye cramps, hello sustained energy. 

Our flavours come from real fruit, superfoods and spices too. All carefully selected to pack an extra, endurance-supporting, nutritional punch. Things like beetroot, elderflower, ginger, blackcurrants, lemon and Himalayan Pink Salt.

At 33g, they’re about half the weight and half the size of High5 and SiS’s bulky gels. You still get a big 22g hit of carbs to match any other energy gel, but with more bang-for-buck, you can stash more energy in your bib shorts, running belt or ultra vest without starting to feel like a packhorse.

Plus, our gels all contain enough water to make them easy to swallow. Plus natural electrolytes to support hydration, and there’s a natural Guarana extract caffeine option too. Unlike lots of gels, they taste delicious and have a pleasant texture, too.

So you won’t need water to wash away any artificial taste and gummy mouth sensation.

Our flavours

  • Riba – The taste of British summer hedgerows, these are tart and jammy with a gentle elderflower twist.
  • Primo – The earthy taste of beetroot with a fresh citrus twist. Ideal when you need a welcome break from super-sweet fuel. Perfect for fighting flavour fatigue.
  • Tempo – The soft sweetness of date, contrasted with the zing of lemon and ginger - this energising blend is everything you need for a fresh hit of energy.
  • Doppio – A combination of maple, coffee and guarana — reach for these when you want an indulgent, smooth energy gel with a natural caffeine kick.

Why real-food performs best

At Veloforte, it didn’t really matter whether it was high 5 vs SiS. We got fed up with forcing down artificial gels full of ingredients that left us running and riding the gastric-distress gauntlet. We wanted to fuel our adventures with something we’d look forward to eating. 

The answer seemed pretty obvious: real food. We set out to solve the common problems with traditional energy gels

Here are four important reasons why real food performs best: 

1. It tastes better

How often have you delayed taking on fuel because you’ve been dreading squeezing down yet more sickly, artificial goop? Pretty often is our guess. 

Veloforte gels put a stop to that. Our carefully combined real food ingredients create fresh, natural flavour combinations that you’ll look forward to eating. No more skipping gels and risking the bonk. This is motivational fuel that helps you push on to your next fuelling milestone and rewards your efforts.

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2. It’s more than fuel

When you add nutritious ingredients like ginger, lemon and beetroot, you not only get great flavours, they also deliver more nutritional bang for your buck.

At Veloforte, we know that real food doesn’t just fuel your efforts. It also provides the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your body needs to support long-term health. Right when you need it most. 

3. It’s gentle on the gut

By using the most natural, unprocessed forms of energy-boosting carbohydrates, Veloforte’s gels are easier on tender tummies.

The combination of glucose and fructose is also proven to cause fewer GI problems than single-source carbohydrate products. That allows your body to absorb significantly more carbohydrates than usual. Unlike glucose-only based fuels that have a maximum recommended intake of 60g, dual-source carbs let you safely consume up to 90g per hour.

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4. It delivers steady energy

Veloforte energy gels have a dual-carbohydrate combination from natural sources. That’s purposely designed to give you a steady energy release and keep your blood sugar on more of an even keel. 

The glucose from unrefined brown rice syrup delivers rapid-release energy straight to your muscles, while the slower-release fructose from date syrup keeps you going for longer.

Don’t just take our word for it


High5 vs SiS vs Veloforte: Which is best for you?

Choosing the best gel to fuel your races and adventures is highly personal. What works for one won’t necessarily work for another.

However, the main things to consider are:

  • Taste – Looking forward to your next fuel up is an incredibly powerful thing. Think about how that umpteenth gel might taste four hours into a marathon or after six hours on the bike. You’ll definitely need a gel, but will you definitely want to eat it?   
  • Energy – A gel that’s working well for you will deliver steady, even energy. Not make you feel invincible for 5 minutes and then nose-dive your energy shortly after. 
  • Pocketability – Portability, convenience and how easy gels are to open and eat on the move is important. Can you carry all the gels you need to get to the finish line? Do you risk ripping out a tooth trying to get into them? 
  • Post-workout feel – It’s easy to see gels as a means to an end. We’ll suffer a dodgy gel for the sake of achieving our goals. That extends to afterwards, too. It’s common to suffer a dodgy stomach for hours, even a day after you’re done. But why put up with that. Good gels shouldn’t come with a GI aftermath. 
  • Consider a mix: Veloforte’s range of mixed gels ticks all of these boxes, but in addition to stocking up on those, it can also help to add other energy options to your fuelling mix, some energy gel alternatives.

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Velofortes energy chewsenergy drinks and energy bars all follow the winning recipe, putting the natural, powerful and delicious into your performance. Our starter pack bundle is a great place to get your first taste for real-food fuelling.