Hypotonic vs Hypertonic vs Isotonic: What’s the Difference?

What do hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic drinks really mean and when is the best time to consume which sports drink for optimum performance? Hear's all you need to know

Cycling Hydration: Tips and Best Drinks Guide

When you’re going on a long weekend ride or prepping for a big race, you’ve no doubt planned what you’ll wear, your fuel and the plan of attack (or not) for the lumpier inclines. Hydration,...

Running Hydration: Tips and Best Drinks Guide

Cast your eyes around at the start of any major running event and you’ll notice a sea of runners clutching water bottles. That’s enough to tell you that the runners understand the importance of good...

Best Cycling Energy Drink Types to Fuel Your Ride

Different cycling energy drinks are made for different rides. Find out when to use which energy drink to get the most out of your performance!

Avanti — sea salt, maple and pecan energy and electrolytes

Meet Avanti…packed full of dates, pecans and almonds as well as sea salt, Avanti gives you the carbohydrate and protein boost you’d expect from our other bars — so it can be used, before, during...