Avanti — sea salt, maple and pecan energy and electrolytes

Avanti — sea salt, maple and pecan energy and electrolytes

Meet Avanti

Our Head Chef and Co-founder Lara is a big fan of the Avanti bar:

“In the Avanti bar deep caramel flavours come from chewy moist dates and the pecans give a nice smoky flavour.  It’s essentially pecan pie meets salted caramel! It has a great salty kick and unctuous yummy caramel chewiness.”

And she’s not the only one. Find out why Avanti is a firm favourite among Great Taste Award judges — and athletes who love to go long distance.

Double Gold at the Great Taste Awards

With silky maple syrup, crunchy pecans and flaky sea salt, it’s easy to see why the Avanti bowled over judges at the Great Taste Awards — it has not one but two prestigious gold stars. It’s also a firm fan favourite with active people up and down the country:

“So good you could have it on its own with coffee.”

“Energy bars you’ll actually enjoy.”

“I could eat it all day!”

Natural vegan energy bar

As delicious as Avanti is, it’s not just about flavour. It also delivers big on energy with 40g of dual-source natural carbohydrates to keep your body fuelled and fighting fit. We’d recommend 30–60g of carbs per hour during moderate activity — so an Avanti bar has you well on your way to fuelling success.

It’s also totally vegan and gluten-free — and because it’s a Veloforte bar, it contains only natural ingredients. No stabilisers, artificial flavours or additives. Just the good stuff your body needs to perform its best: dates, pecans, almonds, maple syrup, brown rice syrup and natural sea salt.

Let’s talk about sweat

People sweat. If you’re running in hot weather, doing some strenuous cycling or indoor training on a turbo, your body will sweat to cool itself down. The fitter you get, the better your sweat response becomes. But when you sweat you aren’t just losing water — your body also loses electrolytes. Replacing electrolytes is vital in order to maintain your body’s healthy fluid balance.

Electrolytes like sodium play an important role in maintaining blood pressure and assist in nutrient transport into your cells. Hyponatremia is a condition caused by low sodium levels in the blood. It can occur when athletes hydrate exclusively with water and are not replacing the sodium lost through sweat.

Mild symptoms include nausea, headaches, loss of balance and poor decision making, however left untreated it can become very serious and even life-threatening.

Replacing electrolytes lost during exercise is really important not just to maintain fluid balance but also in preventing cramps as they are needed to ensure our muscle fibres are contracting properly and in the correct sequence.

Perfect for the long run — or ride, or swim…

At Veloforte we have a fair few long rides and runs under our belt, and know that after a while our bodies start craving salt — this is a sign that our body needs electrolytes.

We’ve also experienced ‘flavour fatigue’, common among endurance athletes, where sweet foods, bars and gels have lost their appeal. 

As it's packed full of dates, pecans and almonds as well as sea salt, Avanti gives you the carbohydrate and protein boost you’d expect from our other bars — so it can be used, before, during and after a ride, training session or run.

But it really comes into its own on long endurance challenges. The natural sea salt helps with your sodium balance, keeping your mind and muscles fresh. And the chewy-crunchy texture and sweet-salty taste helps you overcome ‘flavour fatigue’ and ace your fuelling right to the finish line.